SSX Tricky

SSX DLC to add whole new mountain, seven classic characters

Familiar faces from SSX 3 and SSX Tricky can be yours thanks to the first major DLC update for the rebooted SSX.

SSX Tricky headlines

  • EA teases SSX Tricky DLC for SSX

    EA has teased a puzzle of some sort in relation to SSX, with fans of its Facebook page putting together pieces suggeting it’s for DLC linked to SSX Tricky. The puzzle shows a still mostly-obscured mountain with the new SSX logo, but shows Elise in her Tricky diggs. Thanks, Gamerzines.

  • Peter Moore: "Nothing to say right now" about new SSX

    Going by what the Internet says, everyone in the entire world wants a new SSX game. So, what’s the deal? Well, it’s tricky.