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Sony Move patent from 2008 surfaces, shows two controllers snapping together

A patent application from published earlier this month shows a Move controller with a larger sensor ball, swappable buttons, a large handle, and the ability to attach two controllers together to form one interesting-looking concoction.

7 years ago

Sony Patent headlines

  • Sony patent suggests an updated PS Eye may be in the cards

    A patent filed by Sony in late 2011 for a “User-Drive Three Dimensional Interactive Gaming Environment” has surfaced, and the device appears to be an updated version of PS Eye.

    8 years ago
  • Sony patent depicts what appears to be a controller similar to Wii U

    A 2010 Sony patent dug-up by VentureBeat shows what looks to be a touchscreen handheld controller similar to the one Nintendo introduced for Wii U.

    8 years ago
  • Sony patents a system that can detect emotions

    A patent filed by Sony, and found by Siliconera, shows a system that detects laughter, sadness, anger, boredom, and other emotions caused by watching David Caruso on the telly.Apparently, it uses metadata which detects emotions filtered through a microphone and expressions picked up by the camera. Both are then linked to the game console (PS3), […]

    11 years ago