F-A-I-L: Scrabulous removed from Facebook

Facebook app Scrabulous is fighting the law: the law’s winning. As a result of ongoing litigations with Scrabble IP-owner Hasbro, the Scrabble clone is no longer sitting pretty on the social networking site.Users who attempt to log into Scrabulous, instead of engaging in a rousing session of time-wasting fun, now receive a succinct message prompting […]

12 years ago

Scrabulous headlines

  • Hasbro sues over Scrabulous

    Hasbro’s announced the launch of legal action against the creators of Facebook’s Scrabulous.The news comes after the firm request that the Scrabble-alike be removed from the networking site earlier this year fell on deaf ears: you can still play the game while managing your online popularity.“Hasbro has an obligation to act appropriately against infringement of […]

    12 years ago
  • EA to release legit Facebook Scrabble

    According to this AP story, EA will be releasing a “proper” version of Scrabble on Facebook, after making moves to close down the popular Scrabulous earlier this year.EA spokeswoman Trudy Muller said the video game maker’s offering would be “an authorized, licensed Scrabble game experience that people familiar with Scrabble can instantly recognize as Scrabble.”Apparently, […]

    12 years ago