Scene Expansion

MGO SCENE expansion pre-orders start March 10

Konami has unveiled the official release date and more details on SCENE Expansion for Metal Gear Online. The expansion will be made available for $9.99 or as a bundle with the second expansion, MEME, for $14.99. All three expansion packs – GENE, MEME and SCENE will cost $17.99 on March 17 via Metal Gear Online […]

11 years ago

Scene Expansion headlines

  • Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion gets details and trailer

    Konami’s released a trailer showing off first game footage from SCENE Expansion, the latest Metal Gear Online booster pack. SCENE includes: Maps Outer Outlet – An Industrial Wasteland, made up of buildings and underground/above ground areas. Suitable for medium to long range attacks. Hazard House – An enormous three story mansion. Suitable for close to […]

    11 years ago
  • MGO SCENE Expansion officially announced, screens released

    Konami’s finally officially confirmed details on Metal Gear Online’s SCENE Expansion, the third update for the game. Get it all on the PS Blog. As reported this morning, the content will include Vamp and Raiden as playable characters, and bring three new maps to play. There’s screens and a ton of into through the link.

    11 years ago
  • Announcement imminent on new MGO expansion

    We’ve just been told that the new MGO expansion listed in Dengeki this week is about to be announced. Sounds as though it’s going to be a worldwide thing. The pack, named “Scene Expansion,” adds Vamp and Raiden as new characters. You’ll get three new levels as well, in Hard House, Outer Outlet and Ravaged […]

    11 years ago
  • Third Metal Gear Online expansion on the way

    According to the latest issue of Dengeki, a third Metal Gear Online expansion is in the works, planned for release in mid-March. Apparently named “Scene Expansion,” the add-on is to include Vamp and Raiden and new characters. You’ll get three new levels as well, in Hard House, Outer Outlet and Ravaged Riverfront. Chances of this […]

    11 years ago