Real Time Worlds

APB allows you to create custom theme music

Real Time Worlds has revealed that the music tool in APB will allow you to create your very own custom track that plays every time you kill an enemy.How cool is that?

11 years ago

Real Time Worlds headlines

  • Press release confirms APB as PC only [Update]

    The official APB press release issued by EA yesterday seems to stipulate that Realtime Worlds MMO will be PC only.“Electronic Arts Inc. and Realtime Worlds, Inc. announced today that they have entered an exclusive marketing and distribution agreement for North America and Europe that will bring the highly-anticipated All Points Bulletin (APB) to PC in […]

    12 years ago
  • APB is more like GTA or Call of Duty than WoW, says Realtime Worlds

    Realtime Worlds’ Dave Jones has told Gama that new MMO APB lends itself more to games such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto than World of Warcraft.“WoW’s great, and it’s attracting huge numbers, but let’s face it there’s probably still more players on GTA and Call of Duty in terms of online,” said […]

    12 years ago
  • Real Time Worlds staff form Ruffian

    Gamasutra’s reporting that a Dundee-based developer called Ruffian Games has been founded by key Crackdown-related employees, including lead designer Billy Thomson.There’s a Flickr set here of three Ruffian staff looking at office space. In case you’re bored, like.Obviously… Crackdown 2! Or not. More through there.

    12 years ago