RAD Soldiers

Splash Damage’s RAD Soldiers has been played over 90 million minutes

Splash Damage’s RAD Soliders was released just before Christmas, and it has already been played by over 2 million players. On top of this, the minutes played accumulated to over 90 million and players have “sent 4.5 million turns in online play.” The firm noted the titles was the Christmas #1 game in on the […]

8 years ago

RAD Soldiers headlines

  • Splash Damage's RAD Soldiers now available

    RAD Soldiers, a free-to-play iOS effort from Brink and Enemy Territory developer Splash Damage, is now available on the App Store. The turn-based tactical game offers customisable squads, and a single-player campaign as well as asynchronous multiplayer; it has been nicknamed “Guns with Friends”. RAD Soldiers may eventually arrive on other formats, but Splash Damage […]

    8 years ago
  • "Stay tuned" on possible RAD Soldiers PC, says Splash Damage

    Splash Damage has said to RPS to “stay tuned” on a possible PC version of RAD Soldiers.

    9 years ago
  • Splash Damage unveils strategy-based RAD Soldiers

    Splash Damage has unveiled its first project post-Brink this morning, a free-to-play title known as RAD Soldiers.

    9 years ago