Quake 4

Bethesda to re-release Quake 4

Bethesda’s announced it’s to re-release Quake 4 at retail on Xbox 360 and PC from June 19 in the US for $19.99 and in Europe in an unconfirmed date. It’s available on Steam here.

9 years ago

Quake 4 headlines

  • Quake 4 now legally available to download in US and Canada

    Bethesda’s made id shooter Quake 4 available via legal downloadable means, a mere five years after it first released.

    10 years ago
  • Carmack: Doom 4 multiplayer will exceed that of Doom 3

    Speaking at QuakeCon today, John Carmack said that Doom 4’s multiplayer aspects would be in excess of those from previous disc-based iterations in the company’s shooter franchises, but would fall short of the upcoming free-to-play Quake 3 close, Quake Live.“[Doom 4 multiplayer] will not be as good of a multiplayer as Quake Live is, but […]

    12 years ago