StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty to contain “Protoss mini-campaign”

Blizzard’s confirmed that StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, will include a “Protoss mini-campaign” in the main Terran single-player section.

10 years ago

Protoss headlines

  • Latest SCII Battle Report shows Protoss Vs Terran scrap

    The fourth StarCraft II Battle Report’s after the break, showing Yeon-Ho Lee as the Protoss up against David Kim as the red Terran forces.It’s still looking awesome. Beta now. Please.StarCraft II’s out next year.

    10 years ago
  • StarCraft II gets new Battle Report

    It’s Friday! That means you’re allowed to not work/pretend to work and watch 18 minutes of Zerg Vs Protoss combat in the almost-beta-ready StarCraft II.Get it from, exclusively, apparently.Beta please, Blizzard. Thanks, Centipede.

    11 years ago
  • Nine-minute Protoss trailer from StarCraft II

    You may as well watch it. It’s Friday. The game looks very cool, anyway. Have you got anything better to do? Read this while you’re at it. Looks as though we may not be seeing StarCraft II any time soon.Update: Watch this right to the end. Wicked.

    12 years ago