Kinect: Microsoft pledges to “aggressively challenge” government spying

Xbox One’s Kinect monitoring tech has had gamers and industry professionals tugging at their collars nervously since it was announced, but Microsoft has stated that it will aggressively challenge any government that uses the device to spy into our homes.

7 years ago

Prism headlines

  • Microsoft sort of explains what sort of user data they give the US government

    According to documents the famous/infamous Edward Snowden showed The Guardian, Microsoft was said to have handed over all sorts of data from Skype, Outlook and SkyDrive to the National Security Agency’s PRISM program for several years now, and last week the paper detailed how all that works. Microsoft’s general counsel Brad Smith today challenged those […]

    7 years ago
  • Microsoft gave NSA access to users' Skype calls & emails - report

    Microsoft is said to have given the US National Security Agency access to its users’ Skype calls, Outlook emails and SkyDrive contents for the past three years. A new report based on leaked documents suggests that the company offered the data as part of a US government surveillance initiative called Prism.

    7 years ago