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New Playstation Home footage

After the link. Sony showed the crowd a new video of Playstation Home at yesterday’s Playstation Business Review in Tokyo. See people talking to each other, PSP interaction and everything looking rather bright and colourful. Check it out. By Mike Bowden

PlayStation Business Review headlines

  • Life with PlayStation video posted

    On Engadget. We can’t get it to play, but this clips apparently shows the upcoming PS3 daily news service shown in the PlayStation Business Review in Tokyo yesterday. Good luck.

  • "True generation" quality only on PS3, says Hirai

    Speaking at the PlayStation Business Review in Tokyo yesterday, Sony boss Kaz Hirai said that PS3 was the only machine capable of delivering “true generation” games. “As PlayStation 3 approaches the second anniversary of its release, the release of PS3 software titles with the true generation quality only available on PS3 is accelerating,” he said, […]

  • PS3 to get smaller RSX graphics chip

    SCE CEO Kaz Hirai has confirmed that the PS3 Cell processors will use new, smaller RSX graphics chips this “fall”. “The Cell and RSX used in PS3s at launch were manufactured using a 90nm process technology. And now all PS3 Cells have shifted to 65nm process technology since last holiday season,” he said today in […]

  • Sony: Achieving profitability top priority

    As you can see from the image in this story, Sony’s overall message at today’s PlayStation Business Review was clear: the end goal of all Sony games efforts is to turn a profit this fiscal year. The picture is the last slide in Hirai’s presentation at the event. Read all our PlayStation Business Review news […]

  • White Knight Story to release this fiscal year

    Sony confirmed in its PlayStation Business Review in Tokyo today that White Knight Story is aiming to be out this fiscal year. That means the game will ship before April 2009. The Level-5 RPG is obviously much-anticipated, so this is good news for Sony and JRPG fans alike. Thanks, Blerk.

  • PS3 and PSP have sold over 50 million units, says Sony

    Speaking at the PlayStation Business Review in Tokyo today, Sony claimed that PS3 and PSP have now sold through a total of 50 million units between them. You can get the rest of the news from the conference here.

  • PlayStation Business Review posted in its entirety as PDF

    Here. There’s a metric fuckload of stuff in there, so knock yourself out.

  • Over 9.8 million registered for PSN, says Sony

    Speaking at the PlayStation business review in Tokyo today, Sony confirmed that more than 9.8 million people have now registered for PSN worldwide. Apparently, more than 170 million pieces of content have been downloaded from the service in total.

  • Search function shown for PSN Store

    Yet more from the PlayStation Business Review in Tokyo today, and this one’s a megaton. Sony’s shown off a search function as an upgrade to the PSN Store. That’s it. Check to see whether or not you’ve soiled yourself. Thanks, TheSixthAxis.

  • PS3 set to deliver worldwide daily news

    More from the PlayStation Business Review in Tokyo. According to this PS3 Attitude piece, Sony’s announced a service that will allow PS3 owners to view daily world news interactively. The system, billed under the firm’s just-announced Life with PlayStation brand, allows you to zoom around a virtual globe and gain world news from various cities. […]

  • Sony: Cost cuts, better line-up to improve PS3

    Speaking at the PlayStation Business Review in Tokyo today, Sony chief financial officer Nobuyuki Oneda said the company aims to “post some profit at the game business in the full year to March 2009.” “The PlayStation Portable is likely to maintain its growth momentum, while the PS3 is also expected to show further improvement thanks […]

  • PS3 movie downloads coming to the US this summer

    Sony just announced that PS3 movie downloads will begin this summer in the US. According to this AP report, Europe and Japan will get the service at a later date. There are images of the new service on Famitsu, as well as a lot more info (in Japanese) on the ongoing PlayStation Business Review in […]