How the new “whales” are spending in games

33% of total in game spending for mobile and web games is done by the top 1% of new players with 90% of total in game spending done by the top 20% of new players, according to a recent report on spending behaviour.

7 years ago

Playnomics headlines

  • 85% of social players give up after one day

    Playnomics has released a report on user engagement with social games. The audience management firm discovered that 85% of players in the US didn’t return to a social game after their first day of play.

    7 years ago
  • 32% of UK gamers are "strategists", says analysis firm

    Marketing companies shilling demographic information to publishers isn’t new, but this one – Playnomics – does something kind of interesting by categorising all gamers into eight types, depending on how they play.

    7 years ago