Oklahoma “violent” games tax bill defeated

VideoGameVoters is reporting that Oklahoma House Bill 2696 was defeated in the House Revenue and Tax Subcommittee on February 20.

9 years ago

Oklahoma headlines

  • Funds from proposed game tax in Oklahoma would benefit children's programs

    A bill has been introduced into Oklahoma State Legislature, and if passed, will add an extra 1% tax to videogames rated Teen, Mature and AO. Drafted by District 86 Representative William Fourkiller (D), funds garnered from Bill HB 2696 would fund programs working to cull childhood obesity and bullying, both situations deemed an “emergency” in […]

    9 years ago
  • GTA IV launch photo from Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Another GTA IV midnight launch shot, this time from Xbox360Fanboy in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is probably our favourite so far: the bathos, the boredom, the way the guy at the yellow t-shirt’s eyes say, “I’m going to kill you.” Best one yet. It’s on the list.

    13 years ago
  • GTA IV launch pictures and words from Oklahoma

    Joystiq just posted some shots from a GameStop’s midnight opening in Oklahoma. There’s a great “man looking like owl” picture there, so worth a nose.“Even for Oklahoma, which isn’t a video game mecca by any stretch of the imagination, the event showed the popularity of a game like Grand Theft Auto and its reach across […]

    13 years ago