Offensive Combat

Offensive Combat studio U4iA Games to close – statement

Offensive Combat developer U4iA Games is to close, as confirmed in a statement and tweet from the company’s creative and social director Jeremy Dunham.

7 years ago

Offensive Combat headlines

  • Offensive Combat announced from ex-CoD veterans

    Social studio U4iA, formed by ex-Call of Duty veterans Dusty Welch and executive producer Chris Archer, has announced its first game, Offensive Combat. The game is a multiplayer FPS that’ll come to browsers, with tablet and mobile versions also mentioned.More on TVGB.

    9 years ago
  • U4iA Games - CoD vets announce Offensive Combat as first title

    Former Call of Duty veterans Dusty Welch and Chris Archer’s new studio, U4iA Games, have announced the firm’s first project Offensive Combat. It’s a free-to-play, browser-based FPS with “console-quality” with plenty of character customization. Hit up the website for more information. First screens are posted below.

    9 years ago