Nintendo Korea

Korean Wii date and price confirmed

According to the official Nintendo Korea site, Wii is now confirmed to launch in the country on April 26, priced 220,000 won (£114). GoNintendo’s reporting that the system will release with eight games including Wii Sports (system sold by itself), Wii Play, Super Swing Golf 2 and Zack and Wiki.

13 years ago

Nintendo Korea headlines

  • Nintendo Korea launches site ahead of Wii launch

    Nintendo Korea has launched its official website ahead of an anticipated May 5 launch for Wii in the country. There’s not much to look at so far apart from pictures of Wiis and some Korean text, but at least it shows it’s happening, innit.

    13 years ago
  • Nintendo Korea to hold press conference on April 14

    According to this, Nintendo Korea is to hold a press conference in Seoul on April 14, at which the company is expected to announce a release date for Wii in the country.As previously reported, Wii is expected to launch in South Korea either on or before Children’s Day, a holiday held on May 5.

    13 years ago