MotoGP 08

New Moto GP Wii screenshots

Capcom has issued a bunch of screenshots for its motorbike racer, MotoGP for Nintendo Wii. Considering the limit in hardware compared it its bigger, but less popular brothers, we reckon Capcom is doing a very fine job indeed. MotoGP 08 Wii is out March. Other console versions’ dates still TBC. Full gallery below. By Mike […]

11 years ago

MotoGP 08 headlines

  • Capcom details Comic Con showing, promises exclusive RE5 trailer

    We’re not that bothered about missing E3 this year, but we do wish we were going to Comic Con. Capcom’s detailed its showing at the San Diego event, taking place just after E3, and it sounds “fun”. Aside from the enjoyable aspect, the firm’s promising an exclusive Resident Evil 5 trailer, so that’s a good […]

    12 years ago