Monster Hunter 3: Tri

Monster Hunter 3: Tri shots show large angler fish

GamersHell’s got some new Monster Hunter 3: Tri screens, showing what looks to be a large, really angry angler fish. Wii never had it so good. No solid release date as yet.

11 years ago

Monster Hunter 3: Tri headlines

  • Monster Hunter 3 (~tri) gets new footage

    A brief new glimpse of Monster Hunter 3 (~tri) popped up this morning. Get it after the break. Looks bloody mint for a Wii game. Watch E3 for US and European announcements.

    11 years ago
  • Monster Hunter 3 (tri~) listed for US launch

    Capcom’s listed Monster Hunter 3 (tri~) as an upcoming US release on its press site. This isn’t shocking in any way. If there’s one thing Capcom’s more than anxious about getting busy with in the West, it’s Monster Hunter. There’s been no announcement as such, but, well, you know.

    11 years ago
  • TGS: Monster Hunter 3: tri shots bring the pretty

    On Kotaku, especially for Blerk. As reported, the latest in the Monster Hunter series is looking pretty special in the graphics department. Take a look. No guarantee of a western release as yet.

    11 years ago
  • Official Monster Hunter 3: tri site updates with new screens

    Capcom’s updated the Monster Hunter 3: tri site with new shots and art. The Wii game’s looking dandy. There’s going to be a showing at TGS next month, so expect to see more then. Thanks, GoNintendo.

    11 years ago
  • Monster Hunter 3 playable at TGS

    The latest Famitsu’s got scans of Monster Hunter 3 and a confirmation the game will be playable at TGS, Kotaku reports. The Wii game’s specifically called Wii title Monster Hunter 3: tri, and is likely to be mentally successful in Japan given the seemingly unending fortunes of Monster Hunter on PSP this year. Tons of […]

    11 years ago