Microsoft Japan Spring 2009 Title Preview

Microsoft Japan releases trailer for spring showcase games

After the break. It’s a montage of the titles announced in Microsoft Japan’s spring preview earlier this week. There’s a lot of it. Most of which you’ve seen before. Take a look.

Microsoft Japan Spring 2009 Title Preview headlines

  • Magna Carta 2 gets first screens

    The first shots of Namco’s Magna Carta 2 came out of the Microsoft Japan spring showcase this morning. IGN has them. It’s pretty. It’s an RPG. It’s Japanese. And that’s that.

  • Lost Planet 2 - new screens

    IGN’s posted up some new shots of Lost Planet 2 from the Microsoft spring showcase this morning, and very pretty they are too. You’ve seen some of these before, from the look of it. But what they hey.

  • End of Eternity - first proper trailer and new screens

    Sega’s just released the first proper movie and some fantastic screens of tri-Ace RPG End of Eternity. Video after the break, shots on 1UP. The media comes as part of Microsoft Japan’s spring showcase this morning. It’s out for PS3 and 360 later this year.

  • New Tekken 6 trailer brings the power

    Namco put out a new trailer of Tekken 6 this morning as part of the Microsoft Japan spring showcase, and very rocking it is too. Power is everything. It says so there. It’s out for PS3 and 360 this Autumn. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • Magna Carta 2 gets first trailer

    The first trailer of Namco RPG Magna Carta 2’s after the break. The game formed part of the Microsoft Japan spring showcase this morning. Developed by Softmax, the title hits Japan on August 6. Thanks, Siliconera.

  • Gears of War 2 gets summer release in Japan

    Microsoft just closed off its spring showcase in Tokyo with news that Gears of War 2 will release this summer in Japan. Whitewash the windows. Get the rest of the news from the conference here. It’s just finished.

  • Microsoft to give away 1 million MS Points in Japan

    Microsoft said this morning it’s to hand out 1 million Microsoft Points in celebration of Xbox 360 reaching 1 million units in the territory. The news comes as part of Microsoft’s spring showcase in Tokyo, which is ongoing. More bombshells as they happen.

  • VOOT XBLA out April 29 in Japan

    Microsoft confirmed this morning that the XBLA version of Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram will release on April 29 in Japan. The game has only had a “spring” release up to this point. This could well mean westerners will be playing the update next week. We’ll check with Sega today.

  • End of Eternity gameplay shown in Japan

    Sega made the first gameplay showing of tri-Ace’s End of Eternity in Tokyo this morning as part of Microsoft Japan’s spring showcase. The footage included a section of in-game combat, as well as some CG of two men fighting. The glimpse, while brief, lends credence to a release date this year in Japan. The game […]

  • Dead Rising 2 - first gameplay footage shown in Tokyo

    Capcom aired the first gameplay footage of Dead Rising 2 in Tokyo this morning, showing the game’s protagonist attacking zombies in casinos with a chainsaw and a broom. He was also shown wearing an animal skull like a mask. Scary. A movie for the game was promised for XBLA soon, but no specific details were […]

  • Lost Planet 2 - four-player co-op demoed in Japan

    Capcom has just trailered four-way co-op in Lost Planet 2 at its Japanese 360 spring showcase. The footage showed four players attacking a giant monster. That’s it. Lost Planet 2 is to be shown in Monte Carlo at CAPTIVATE this week.

  • Microsoft Japan press conference tonight

    Did you know there was a “Microsoft Japan Spring 2009 Title Preview” tonight at 10pm PST? You do now. 1UP’s liveblogging it, as you can see here. That’s 6am GMT if you’re in the UK. We’ll have all the stories as they happen.