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GameStop apologises over Last Guardian cancellation rumour

GameStop has issued a statement apologising for concern caused after customers reportedly received pre-recorded messages announcing that their pre-order for The Last Guardian had been culled from the chain’s system and canceled.

9 years ago

Last Guardian headlines

  • Last Guardian boss to Japanese studios - Go west or go bust

    Yasuhide Kobayashi, VP of Sony’s Japan Studio and head of Last Guardian’s development, told DICE Summit Asia today that Japanese games-makers must now appeal to western tastes or die.“There are so many issues we have to solve, and the biggest challenge is that the market in Japan is shrinking – they key is gaining success […]

    11 years ago
  • Interaction with Last Guardian's "eagle" is central to gameplay, says Ueda

    The large, winged creature in the superb Last Guardian E3 trailer is in fact an eagle, Fumito Ueda told IGN, and this eagle, and you’re ability to get it to do things for you is central to gameplay.From the piece:Interacting with the eagle appears to be one of the central aspects to the game. You’re […]

    12 years ago
  • New, improved Last Guardian footage looks stunning

    Needs no introduction, really. It’s not often a few pixels and a bit of classical music can be stirring, but this is Ueda we’re talking about.You might have seen the older version, but this is way, way better.

    12 years ago
  • TRICO's new game is Last Guardian

    Ueda’s new game is called Last Guardian, not TRICO.The demo shown in today’s Sony E3 press conference saw a feather falling from the sky, the wind blowing and a bird chirping on the stone before Mr Griffin popped in.It was largely the same Trico trailer that was leaked previously, but there was a new bit […]

    12 years ago