Obsidian’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3 was about battling ancient, monstrous Sith lords

Once work wrapped on KoTOR 2, Obsidian was ready to make a third game in the acclaimed RPG series. Unfortunately, it never came to pass, but here’s what was planned, according to one of the writers.

2 years ago

KOTOR 3 headlines

  • Obsidian broaches the subject of KOTOR 3 "every three to six months"

    Many of Obsidian’s staffers are Star Wars fans, so much so that every three to six months the subject of developing Knights of the Old Republic 3 is broached.

    7 years ago
  • KOTOR 3 was in pre-production at Obsidian

    Today in news likely to make you fall to your knees and do the Darth Vader “noooo”, the never-greenlit Knights of the Old Republic 3 sounds like it was going to be totally sweet.

    8 years ago
  • BioWare MMO for fiscal 2010, says Riccitiello

    According to this TVG report, EA’s John Riccitiello said at the William Blair & Company Growth Stock Conference in Chicago this week that BioWare’s MMO would release in fiscal “2010/11”.The game, being developed in Austin, is thought to be based on Star Wars, and was recently rumoured to be KOTOR 3.So there we are.

    13 years ago
  • Disgruntled LucasArts employee lists games, says KOTOR 3 is MMO, hates Fracture

    Oh dear. The “rumour” of a ton of LucasArts employees being laid off appears a tad more solid after this post from Kotaku, in which a full list of development projects appears to have been given, as does a rather crass take on upcoming actioner, Fracture.According to the site’s source, the following are currently lined-up […]

    13 years ago