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Gears of War No. 7 comic tells Tai’s backstory

Poor Tai Kaliso. He was easily a favorite of ours and we hated the way things went down for him in Gears of War 2.To make up for it though, DC Comics and Wildstorm provide a backstory to the “proud warrior with a gentle heart” in the upcoming Gears of War No.7.This special issue was […]

12 years ago

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  • Tsunoda: First Gears of War gameplay was "repetitive"

    Speaking to Eurogamer, Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda has admitted feeling that the first Gears of War could have done with a bit more variation.“The gameplay could sometimes be a little repetitive in Gears of War 1,” he said. “It’s like, okay, you move forward a little bit, duck and cover, pop a few guys, move forward […]

    13 years ago
  • Epic's Capps Ortega at Comic Con on Gears 2: video

    Big video here of Epic president Mike Capps and Gears 2 writer Joshua Ortega at Comic Con. This is definitely worth a watch. Key Capps quotes:“Bayonets are kind of boring.”“What was cool about the chainsaw? The blood splatter. The blood-curdling yell. The cool animation. That kind of stuff.”“More badass.”“We obviously took a lot of great […]

    13 years ago