Josh Parnell

Limit Theory: a solo mission to the stars

Limit Theory is the procedural space game from Stanford alumni Josh Parnell. VG247’s Dave Cook talks with him about his Kickstarter project, and the pressure of going solo.

8 years ago

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  • Limit Theory Kickstarter inspired by Morrowind, could launch on Steam

    Limit Theory is the procedural space sim RPG from Stanford student Josh Parnell. The solo developer has revealed to VG247 that while the game may appear to have a lot in common with David Braben’s Elite series, it was actually Morrowind that inspired its development. Parnell is also keen to see the game launch on […]

    8 years ago
  • Limit Theory Kickstarter: space RPG gets funded, takes Elite on at its own game

    Limit Theory is a similar concept to Elite: Dangerous, industry veteran David Braben’s return to the space trading genre. However, Limit Theory is being made by one man and is already funded. It’s a huge game with procedurally generated galaxies and ships. Elite fans would do well to check this one out too.

    8 years ago