Wii Yoga confirmed by JoWood

Publisher JoWooD has announced Wii Yoga. The game will use the balance board the will “play a central role for the exercising (gaming) experience.” It’ll also feature an “adaptable weekly schedule of exercises that will leave you feeling freshed.” We can’t wait. The game was first brought to light during “Intellisponse Gate” last month. By […]

Intellisponse headlines

  • No disc-swapping for Forza 3, say Indians

    According to this Angry Pixel report, Forza 3 is unlikely to appear on two discs, despite the recent Intellisponse leak on the game suggesting a two-DVD product. The news comes from Dhruva Interactive, an Indian company who’s already worked on 3D assets for both Forzas and games in the Gotham series. “One way or the […]

  • Rumour: "Crucible" movie is Oblivion designer's console RPG

    According to this Kotaku rumour, the leaked movie everyone thought was a first look at Silicon Knights horror The Crucible on Sunday is in fact a new console RPG from developer Big Huge Games and Oblivion designer Ken Rolston. The footage emerged as part of the Intellisponse leak. Sega has now denied it’s The Crucible. […]

  • Leaked video of The Crucible... isn't

    MTV’s just posted a quote from a Sega rep saying that the supposed video of The Crucible – the Silicon Knights horror – gleaned from Intellisponse‘s site this weekend, is nothing of the sort. “That video is not the game that Silicon Knights is creating for us. I have no idea if it is a […]

  • Intellisponse on megaton death-leak: "We don't comment on rumours"

    Kotaku had the courtesy to contact market research firm Intellisponse about last night’s incredible pre-E3 leakage, and were met with a brick wall. “It is our policy that we do not comment on rumor or speculation,” said spokesperson Elizabeth McCrocklin. The site pointed out that the leak was, actually, fact. McCrocklin hasn’t responded yet, apparently. […]

  • Rumour: Trioxide allows console games to be played on PC

    We missed this in the rush last night. As part of the incredible Intellisponse leak-athon came details of a product called Trioxide, which apparently lets you play console games on your PC. “Introducing the ability to play the latest console games (i.e. Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, etc.) on your PC. Many of these games are […]

  • Intellisponse rumour round-up - lest we forget

    Intellisponse, a market research firm, last night got “internetalised” in a rather brutal way, causing a flood of rumours on unannounced games. We’re mindful that some of you don’t have to convince your wives and husbands that writing nonsense about spacemen and pretend cars in the middle of the night is “necessary”, so here’s everything […]

  • Rumour: MS to allow XNA devs to use avatars for free

    A source has told VG247 that Microsoft will allow XNA developers to use Xbox Live’s now-rumoured Mii-cloning Avatars for free. We’ve also been told that Avatars will have ready-to-use animations in place such as run, walk, jump, and “break-it-down”, the last one being a bit of a shame. In case you’ve only just got out […]

  • Rumour: Tony Hawk games to get unique Wii board peripheral

    According to this Joystiq piece, it’s being rumoured that upcoming Tony Hawk games are to be blessed with their own Wii board peripheral. Apparently an unannounced game called Tony Hawk’s Adrenaline will use “a new motion sensing board controller.” Yes, this also come from the practically unbelievable deluge of information from market research firm Intellisponse, […]

  • Rumour: First video of Silicon Knight's The Crucible emerges

    After the break. This has come, yet again, from marketing research firm Intellisponse‘s website, and is believed to be the first video of Silicon Knights’ horror game, The Crucible: The Evil Within. No other detail was given. Take a look.

  • Rumour: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance II detailed

    Yet again taken from marketing research company Intellisponse‘s site, detail emerged last night of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance II, which is apparently in development for 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, PSP and DS. According to this Kotaku report, the game will be set during Marvel’s recent “Civil War” story arc, with players forced to choose sides in […]

  • Rumour: 14 Spider-Man game concepts revealed

    Activision’s going to be thrilled. Marketing research company Intellisponse‘s site yielded a ton of information last night, not least of which was detail on 14 possible Spider-Man games. After the break. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • Rumour: Guitar Hero IV to cost $180

    More from a meta-leak from marketing firm Intellisponse. According to this X3F piece, the site’s yielded a rumour that Guitar Hero IV – recently name Guitar Hero: World Tour – is to cost $180. There’s some stuff over there about the game’s instruments which is already known, but there’s also a list of music to […]

  • Rumour: Call of Duty 5 boxart possibles emerge

    On X3F. These are from the safe market research company that leaked all that Forza 3 and Avatar gubbins last night. As we now know, the game has been renamed Call of Duty: World at War and will release later this year. See for yourself.

  • Rumour: Wii Yoga concept revealed

    A concept for a game called Wii Yoga has been found on the Intellisponse site. The research firm came to the attention of teh internets tonight after it yielded what appears to be a concept for Microsoft Mii-alikes, dubbed “Avatars”. After the link.

  • Rumour: New Singstar-esque game Lips revealed

    Earlier this evening the existence of Xbox Live “Avatars” was apparently leaked through a research firm called Intellisponse. Through the site’s backend videogaming247 can reveal that “Lips”, the mysterious brand that was expected to be announced at the Microsoft Gamer’s Day in May, appears to be a Singstar-style game. From the source: “Lips is a […]

  • Rumour: Microsoft to launch 360 "Avatars"

    X3F is reporting that Microsoft’s take on Miis may have just been leaked. Apparently, “Avatars” are to made available for all Live users this year, and “will be used in the place of the gamer picture you have today and give you a much more lifelike, animated and customizable persona”. Not sure what to make […]

  • Rumour: Forza 3 details leaked, two-DVD game, images of pricing, DLC, CE and information for US and UK

    Earlier this evening the existence of Xbox Live “Avatars” was apparently leaked through a research firm called Intellisponse. Through the site’s backend a heap of details of Forza 3 have also been found, outlining potential pricing “scenarios”, a full spec of the game itself, plans for DLC and details of a potential collector’s edition. The […]