Sony sued again over controller rumble

Sony may have settled its patent case with Immersion of DualShock rumble, but it’s not out of the woods yet. Craig Thorner, an engineer who held a few patents related to the firm’s rumble tech, is now suing Sony, claiming the PlayStation-maker colluded with another firm to make him accept “unfavourable terms” in the Immersion […]

12 years ago

Immersion headlines

  • Tom Clancy's EndWar to be amBX-enabled on PC

    The PC version of Tom Clancy’s EndWar will be amBX-enabled, Ubisoft said today.For the uninitiated, amBX is an ambient system which adds external lights, speakers and rumbling to your games. Yep: rumbling.“War gaming has taken on a new meaning with the arrival of amBX in Tom Clancy’s EndWar,” said amBX marketing boss Jo Cooke.“What we’re […]

    12 years ago
  • Immersion forced to pay Microsoft $20 million

    In what is hopefully a finale to a long legal farce, Immersion has been ordered to pay Microsoft $20.75 million as a result of Sony including rumble technology in its PS3 controllers.Immersion owns the rumble patent, but had agreed to pay Microsoft a one-off sum of $15 million should Sony include rumble in DualShock 3 […]

    12 years ago