Ian Jackson

2008 “pivotal” for PlayStation, “best software line-up in the industry,” says SCEA VP

In a statement issued last night, SCEA vice president Ian Jackson said 2008 was “pivotal” to the PlayStation brand and that PS3 had the “best software line-up in the industry”.“We’ve had a solid holiday season and have delivered consistent growth throughout this year,” said Jackson. “Two thousand eight was a pivotal year for PlayStation with […]

12 years ago

Ian Jackson headlines

  • SCEA plans moves on Latin America

    SCEA sales boss Ian Jackson said at the BMO Capital Markets Interactive Entertainment Conference yesterday that Latin America is a key target for PlayStation 2, and that the company is planning what sounds like a massive, three phase roll-out over the Continent.“The significance of the Latin America market is huge,” said Jackson. “Obviously from a […]

    12 years ago
  • SCEA upgrades three execs

    SCEA, not to be outdone in the executive movement front by Phil Harrison, has announced new roles for three of its bosses. Robert Dyer is now senior vice president, PR, and was formerly COO of Crave Entertainment. Ian Jackson is now vice president, sales, up from his current role as MD of SCE Canada. Lastly, […]

    13 years ago