Fuel Overdose demo arrives on PlayStation Network

Challenging top-down racer Fuel Overdose has pupped a demo, which arrives in this week’s North American PlayStation Store update and hits Europe the following week. The taster has one track, Prague; three characters, Odessa, Noa and Rosa; and three vehicles, Cadiz, Kashiwa and El Paso.

8 years ago

I-Friqiya headlines

  • Fuel Overdose trailer moves on to advanced gameplay tips

    As promised, I-Friqiya has released a second Fuel Overdose video offering more advanced tips for those struggling with the new PlayStation Network racer.

    8 years ago
  • Fuel Overdose to spawn two free DLC packs, offers newb's guide

    Even ahead of release, Fuel Overdose has a reputation for being tougher than your average racer. Developer I-Friqiya offers a handy guide for beginners, as well as ten free DLC vehicles to comfort your shattered nerves.

    8 years ago
  • Fuel Overdose hits the North America PS Store in March

    I-Friqiya has announced Fuel Overdose will arrive on the North American PS Store in March. The game will contain the latest improvements implemented due to the “comments of users in Europe,” and that new announcements on the matter will be made in the coming days. Developed by Jerome Coquard and Ryoh Tazaki, and produced by […]

    8 years ago
  • Fuel Overdose lands on PSN for PS3 next week

    Fuel Overdose will release for PS3 through PSN next week, developer I-Friqiya has announced. You can also pick up a demo on the store if you would like to try it out first. The action racer contains upgradable weapons, homing systems, mines, detonators, a grappling hook, and various combo systems. The game will release through […]

    8 years ago
  • I-Friqiya's Fuel Overdose gets spring release for PS3 and PC

    I-Friqiya said today that Fuel Overdose, its top-down “tactical-action-racing” game, will release this spring after 18 months development.

    9 years ago