Gemma Atkinson

Ellie Gibson tells Red Alert Gemma to put plasters on her nipples

Good grief. Eurogamer’s Ellie Gibson – clearly flush at winning a GMA – has told Red Alert 3 “babe” Gemma Atkinson to “put plasters” on her nipples and asked her if she’s “a bit gay”. There’s a video interview here. Ellie’s questions, among others: Who do you think’s fitter out of you and me? Red […]

Gemma Atkinson headlines

  • Over 70,000 attend EA London Games Festival Event

    According to this BBC report, more than 70,000 people turned up to EA’s London Games Festival “Be the One” event in Trafalgar Square last week. The shindig took place under what’s thought the be the largest temporary structure ever put up in the square – fancy – and saw the launch party for Red Alert […]

  • Red Alert 3 movie - Watch Gemma pout

    Gemma Atkinson in her uniform. That’s pretty much all you need to know. Other actors shouting about the “Commies,” crushing the Empire and whatnot. To be honest, the whole thing looks like a ton of fun. After the break.

  • Gemma Atkinson RA3 theme on Live now

    According to this Eurogamer piece, you can now download a Gemma Atkinson theme for your 360 now. For a meagre 150 MS Points, you can have the Red Alert 3 starlet draped over your blades forever and a day. Oddly, she’s dressed in a flimsy white thing, which bears no relation whatsoever to the game […]

  • Gemma Atkinson is touched up in Red Alert 3 to "bring out her beauty even more"

    Ex-Hollyoaks lady Gemma Atkinson is being “touched up” for Red Alert 3, as you can see in this BBC behind the scenes look at the game’s development at EA LA. “Right now I’m doing a little colour correcting to bring out [Gemma’s] beauty even more,” said the game’s visual effects supervisor. The Gemma bit’s at […]

  • Gemma Atkinson Red Alert 3 wallpapers released

    On CVG. We could write words, but we won’t. The poor love appears to have lost her trousers.

  • Gemma Atkinson confirmed for Red Alert 3 appearance

    Ex-Hollyoaks woman Gemma Atkinson is to appear in Red Alert 3 as Lt Eva McKenna. So there you are. “I’m a gamer and the chance to act in one of the best loved videogames was an opportunity I was really keen to explore – especially as Eva is such a strong female character,” said Atkinson […]

  • More than 20,000 people buy Live tickets

    Says so here.’s Gian Luzio reckons demand for the Wembley show this weekend has been good. “The tickets have been selling really well,” he said. “We are looking at in excess of 20,000 people. There’s been a lot of consumer demand for the event, which will enable people to get their hands on games […]

  • "Sexy" Gemma wants to design Wii-bra

    Just as Friday reached the afternoon deathzone, Gemma arrived to brighten up our lives. Apparently, Gemma’s waps are so massive they get in the way of her Wii-playing, so much so she’d like to create a range of bras for ladies that share her predicament. “I have to wear two bras when I go running […]

  • Ghostbusters and Gemma Atkinson to host Live

    Vivendi has just told us that Ghostbusters is to have a “presence” at Live, but wouldn’t say what it was. A rep described the showing as an “interesting angle”. Make of that what you will. The Terminal Reality-developed game has a release date of autumn 2008, and hasn’t been seen outside of NDAs, a […]