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Gyllenhaal: PoP film isn’t “like your normal video game adaptation”

Looks like the Prince of Persia flick won’t be your typical videogame adaption, according to the Prince himself, Jake Gyllenhaal.Which is why the actor wanted to be in it to begin with.“It wasn’t like your normal video game adaptation,” he told Moviefone. “It was this massive epic that they had in the works; this real […]

11 years ago

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  • New Prince of Persia movie images released

    Empire has them. They feature Jake Gyllenhaal and pro-pouter Gemma Arterton looking serious and wet with their mouths slightly open.Still. Should give a little variation to your daily “release”. The movie’s out next May.

    12 years ago
  • New location shots of PoP movie leaked

    On CVG. Looks as though no one’s messing about with this. Jake Gyllenhaal’s leading as the man in question, and the film’s out in 2010. Take a look.

    12 years ago
  • Jake Gyllenhaal confirmed for Prince of Persia movie

    According to this Hollywood Reporter story, Jake Gyllenhaal has now been confirmed for the leading role in the upcoming Prince of Persia film.He’ll play alongside Gemma Arterton in the Jerry Bruckheimer adaptation.The movie’s plot is based on The Sands of Time. Expect to see it next year.

    13 years ago