GamePro throws in the towel after 22 years

The venerable GamePro brand – which began life as a magazine in 1989 – is being retired.

9 years ago

Gamepro headlines

  • GamePro, G4TV and VGChartz "busted" content-spamming Reddit

    GamePro, G4TV and VGChartz have all issued apparently official statements after being caught out artificially elevating their content on social bookmarking site Reddit by using multiple accounts.

    10 years ago
  • New Puzzle Quest in next GamePro

    The GamePro website‘s confirmed that the next Puzzle Quest game will be included in its next issue.There’s a single screenshot there. Welcome to the big biscuit Thanksgiving news.Via Joystiq.

    11 years ago
  • Execs leave GamePro, GamePro isn't worried

    GamePro Media has shed two key execs – Daniel Orum (president and CEO) and Bob Huseby (senior VP, publisher) – despite the fact that GamePro magazine is “in a really good place,” according to SVP George Jones.“We’re in a really good place now,” Jones told GameDaily.“We measure the vibrancy of the magazine through the health […]

    12 years ago
  • GamePro shows Resistance 2 cover art

    Pretty. We felt a bit like Homer with sprinkles when we look at this, a close up look at the cover panels of the upcoming GamePro Resistance 2 exclusive. We assume this is a ploy to preempt the fact the feature will be scanned in its entirety about 15 seconds after it falls through Johnny […]

    13 years ago
  • Win Resistance 2 beta keys in next GamePro

    Americans are going to get the chance to win a beta key for Resistance 2 in the next issue of GamePro, as you can see here. This is the E3 issue, and it apparently contains a proper whopper of a story, which is presumably one of the big E3 reveals.Take a look.

    13 years ago
  • Rein on Epic sale: "We would prefer if they started at $2 billion"

    Epic boss Mark Rein has said that GamePro’s rumour of Microsoft being in the running to buy the developer is a little shy of the money.“I have not seen the actual GamePro article but if they’re going to make predictions about us selling Epic we would prefer if they started at $2 billion,” he said. […]

    13 years ago
  • Epic and the $1 billion Microsoft deal: it's GamePro again

    According to this, the latest issue of GamePro predicts that Microsoft will buy Epic this year for $1 billion.“Microsoft will buy Epic Games for $1 billion this summer,” said. Travis Moses, assistant editor at the US mag. “Epic Games is one of the few highly regarded indie developers… partly for their games but mostly for […]

    13 years ago
  • GamePro's Gears of War 2 article hits web

    Read it here. It’s basically a guess at what to expect and, in total, it’s seven paragraphs long.“In Gears 2, expect a slight graphical boost,” said the piece. “We also think four-player co-op is a must this time around. Seeing as how a number of other games are doing the team co-op thing, Gears 2 […]

    13 years ago