Ea Blueprint

Neil Young quits EA

According to this Newsweek piece, long-time dev boss Neil Young is to leave EA.During his 11 years at EA, the Brit captained such projects as the ahead-of-its-time alternate reality game Majestic and the well-received licensed game The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Following that, Young was put in charge of Maxis during the […]

13 years ago

Ea Blueprint headlines

  • GDC: EA Blueprint seeking "way to make games with smaller teams"

    Speaking at GDC last week, Neil Young – the EA guy heading up new initiative Blueprint – said that the main reasoning behind the project is to find games that don’t cost the earth to produce.“We want to find a new way to make games with smaller teams,” he said, adding, “We focus on creating […]

    13 years ago
  • EA Blueprint to support social games developers

    A new EA division, named Blueprint, is to work with developers on making games for social networking sites such as Facebook. According to this, the LA-based team will provide “stategic funding and project management” and will be run by former EA Los Angeles GM Neil Young and that studio’s director of artist and repertoire Alan […]

    13 years ago