Killzone 2 training centres detailed

Live in Britain? Want to play Killzone 2 without having to pay for it? You may be in luck.Sony’s got a little more specific on details for its Killzone 2 training centres, so if you’re anywhere near one of these you’ll be able to try before you buy. Saturday, February 28 – Jubilee Square, Brighton […]

12 years ago

Brighton headlines

  • NCsoft confirms 58 job losses from Brighton

    GI’s confirmed that 58 jobs are to go from NCsoft in Brighton, despite NC West boss David Reid saying last night that no decision had been made on the positions.The site’s sources have indicated that not only development, but staff in marketing and publishing roles are also set to be laid off.More through the link.

    12 years ago
  • GTA IV launch photos from Brighton, UK

    More pictures, this time from Brighton GAME and GameStation, courtesy of Eurogamer’s Chris Ward. Men, queues, GTA IV signs: these pictures have it all, so good work, Chris. We’ve added them to the list. Still nothing from London so we’re excited: London has the best queues.

    13 years ago