Beautiful Madness

When Vikings Attack adds three new fan-designed characters

When Vikings Attack now has a character called Victim of the Sea. Victim of the Sea. Is it my birthday?

Beautiful Madness headlines

  • UT3 bots score higher on Turing test than human players

    Well, someone’s finally done it. Phys reports researchers at the University of Texas have created AI capable of passing a Turing test – fooling a human into believing they are interacting with another human. The computer scientists built a couple of Unreal Tournament 3 bots so lifelike that judges tagged both as human players 52% […]

  • Final Fantasy dating sim is an elaborate joke

    Square Enix had a bit of a laugh at fans’ expense over the weekend in announcing a dating sim called Final Fantasy: Suzaku Magic Institution Peristylium ~ Oh no! I’m in Love With the Crystal’s Divine Guardian.

  • NBA 2K13 to feature Dream Team, 2012 Olympic team

    NBA 2K13 cover star Kevin Durant led his team to Olympic gold in London this year, but are they as awesome as the 1992 Dream team? My backwards cap says “no”.

  • Pre-order Resident Evil 6, get an Umbrella umbrella

    Cancel your retail pre-order because Capcom’s online store clearly has the best offer on Resident Evil 6. The publisher’s web frontage is offering US pre-orders a bonus umbrella branded with the Umbrella Corporation logo. Whether you are sheltering from the rain or the sunshine, everyone will know you belong to the most disastrously inept and […]

  • €1 million games collection sold on eBay

    Just so you know what the cool kids are talking about: somebody offered their simply enormous games collection on eBay and sold it for a whopping €1 million. The listing included 22 fullsets – complete collections of games released over a system’s lifespan – as well as massive piles of accessories and oddities. It’s worth […]

  • Mass Effect 3 is going to space

    To promote Mass Effect 3, EA is going to launch copies of the game into space; catch one on re-entry and it’s yours to keep.