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  • Friday shorts, part 1: Fruit Ninja acquiring "next big thing" status, John Romero's still hardcore, much more

    If we tried to write up all the little stories, all we’d do is write all day. What?

  • Battlefield: Heroes hosting a Double XP weekend

    A Double XP weekend is going on for Battlefield: Heroes, but in order to partake, you have to enter a code. Luckily, we have that for you.

  • Battlefield Heroes getting double XP weekend

    DICE is taking a leaf from Call of Duty’s book this weekend: by throwing open a double XP weekend for Battlefield Heroes, beginning later today.

  • Werewolves and Vampires event added to Battlefield Heroes

    Battlefield Heroes players may notice some strange looking humanoids walking around in-game, now that werewolves and vampires have been added to the mix. However, these humanly-challenged characters will only be around for one month.

  • Dr Pepper teams up with EA to hand out gaming codes

    EA and Dr Pepper are teaming up to offer people gaming codes for chugging the popular soft drink.

  • Battlefield Heroes hits 3 million registered users

    Battlefield Heroes now has 3 million registered players, EA said today. The publisher’s released a new map for the free-to-play shooter, titled Sunset Showdown, in celebration. Amazing scenes. Hit the link for the full PR.

  • DICE changes Battlefield Heroes' pricing around a bit

    DICE has changed the item pricing for Battlefield Heroes, which has reduced the cost of real money on items, but has upped the cost to rent or buy in-game currency. All non-cosmetic items, like improved weapons, can still be purchased with BattleFunds (real money) which has been reduced in cost, but Valor Point (earned) have […]

  • Heroes of the Fall content for Battlefield Heroes is live

    Heroes of the Fall, the newest update for Battlefield Heroes, is now live. The free update includes the Riverside Rush map, game menu changes, loads of bug fixes, and improved social networking. Release notes are rather extensive, and can be found through here.

  • Battlefield Heroes hits 2 million registered players, new content planned

    EA has announced that Battlefield Heroes has hit the 2 million registered players mark. To celebrate, the Heroes of the Fall update and a new map are on the way September 30. “Along with this new map, ‘Heroes of the Fall’ includes a slew of changes including upgrades of the Gunner class and improvements to […]

  • Upcoming changes to the Gunner in Battlefield Heroes detailed a bit

    Dice has released some information regarding upcoming changes to the Gunner in Battlefield Heroes. Looks like shields will be shareable with teammates, the explosive keg will also slow enemies down, and frenzy fire will also heal the Gunner. Loads more information is through here, as well as instructions on how to try these changes out […]

  • Battlefield Heroes' 1.5 million players have spent "$20 each" [Update]

    Update: Someone done a booboo. As pointed out in this BH tweet, “We were misquoted in the @IGNcom report yesterday. The average Heroes BUYER spends $20, not the average PLAYER. Not all players spend money.” Thanks, f1r3storm. Original article: According to this IGN piece, Battlefield Heroes now has more than 1.5 million players. Great stuff. […]

  • Battlefield Heroes recruits one million players

    EA has announced that DICE’s free-to-play shooter Battlefield Heroes has one million players signed up globally to play. “The team is really proud to have hit one million registrations at this early stage,” said Ben Cousins, general manager, Battlefield Heroes Team. “Creating a character and gameplay experience that is totally yours is what sets this […]

  • DICE says Battlefield franchise isn't going "kiddy"

    Patrick Liu, lead producer for Battlefield 1943, has said that the franchise is not going “kiddy” as some assumed with Battlefield Heroes, and will instead swing more towards the “core” crowd with upcoming titles. “I wouldn’t say it’s a certain future, to go broad – maybe it’ll be the other way around actually, to focus […]

  • Battlefield Heroes cashes in on Jackson death

    Battlefield Heroes is giving players the chance to buy Michael Jackson-esque costumes for their character, which may or may not be in really bad taste. There’s a white suit for the goodies and a Bad outfit for the, um, baddies. The game’s now live. Unlike Michael Jackson. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • Battlefield Heroes finally launches

    Battlefield Heroes, EA’s free-to-play WWII shooter, has finally launched. The game was supposed to happen at the end of last year, but sort of didn’t. The extensive beta’s over, however, so get involved. Go kill something.

  • Rumour: Battlefield Heroes heading to high def consoles [Update]

    Update: Looks like time told quicker than we thought: EA has put up a post on the official Battlefield Heroes website saying the information is incorrect and the company has “no plans to release Battlefield Heroes on either PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.” And that’s that. Original story: Joystiq is running a rumour which states […]

  • Images for Battlefield Heroes give first look at Coastal Clash map

    New images for the fourth Battlefield Heroes map have popped up over on BigDownload. Called Coastal Clash, it seems to go with the other three maps included in the game which also have “beachy” names. No word on when the game will be released this summer, but DICE and Digital Illusions are still handing out […]

  • CVG giving away 100,000 Battlefield Heroes beta keys

    Battlefield Heroes’ beta phase looks to be entering a far wider phase today, with CVG now offering 100,000 keys. We just got one. Took about five minutes to go through all the rigmarole of getting logged in on the game site itself, but it’s all done now. The free-to-play shooter’s out this summer. Go play […]

  • EA hands out 75,000 Battlefield Heroes beta keys

    EA’s announced that 75,000 beta keys have been sent out this morning for Battlefield Heroes. The keys “are waiting in email inboxes all over the world,” according to the shooter’s Twitter. This is in addition to the 50,000 keys sent out April 2. Via Cinemablend.

  • DICE hands out 4,000 Battlefield Heroes beta keys

    DICE handed out 4,000 beta keys for Battlefield Heroes yesterday, all to those registered through QA Boss. More keys are to be handed out over the next few weeks. Once all the QA Boss sign-ups have gone out, gamers who signed up on the official site may get a present in the mail. You can […]

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