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Clang on back burner until investors chip in

Development of crowdfunded sword fighting sim Clang has gone on hold as the project has burned through available funding.


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  • CLANG hits Kickstarter funding goal ahead of deadline

    Well done, Internet. Neal Stephenson’s CLANG, which aims to be the first realistic swordfighting game, has reached its Kickstarter $500,000 target with another 15 hours still on the clock. The motion-controlled dueling simulation is expected to launch at the end of the year as a multi-player arena effort, along with a full suite of tools […]

  • Stephenson's CLANG 20 years in the making

    After the recent launch of a his Kickstarter campaign to fund CLANG, a motion-controlled sword brawler, author Neal Stephenson has spoken of how the he’s been considering creating a video game experience for some 20 years, “some writers spend their whole careers producing only prose, which is a perfectly fine thing to do. But many […]

  • Neal Stephenson launches Kickstarter to produce realistic motion-controlled swordfighter

    Dissatisfied with the current portrayal of swordfighting in videogames, renowned fiction writer Neal Stephenson has launched a Kickstarter campaign with the intention of producing the most precise and realistic swordfighting simulation to date.