Havok announces Project Anarchy 3D mobile engine, free on some platforms

Project Anarchy is the new 3D mobile development engine from Havok. The company announced the tech at GDC and has declared it free to all on some platforms.

Havok headlines

  • Autodesk, Havok sign licence agreement with Nintendo for Wii U game developent

    Autodesk has announced at GDC it has signed a licence agreement with Nintendo which will allow developers to use the firm’s Gameware technology when creating Wii U titles. The agreement will provide developers with the option to use the firm’s UI solution Autodesk Scaleform, the Autodesk Kynapse AI middleware, and Autodesk HumanIK for interactive character […]

  • Tuesday Shorts II: Tekken, Bungie, Atelier, FF Type-0, Rock of Ages

    If you thought the earlier shorts post was large, wait until you get a load of this one. Okay, we lied. It’s smaller – but not by much.

  • GDC: Havok moving into AI development

    Havok’s announced Havok AI at GDC today, a new middleware SDK. According to this 1UP piece, the software allows “developers to automatically generate navigation meshes quickly while offering dynamic pathfinding and integration with Havok’s current middleware offerings.” Sure thing. There’s a demo video after the break.

  • MGS signs "perpetual" deal with Havoc

    According to this Edge piece, Microsoft has signed a “perpetual licensing agreement” with Havok, which will allow MGS to use the company’s physics tech forever and a day. More, modelling-based info through the link.

  • Havok dev tools made available for free

    Havok’s released binary code of its physics and animation tools for free, as you can see on the company’s website. Apparently the release is sponsored by Intel, so you have the megalithic chips company to thank for this, assuming it’s relevant to you.