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Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC - where to find all the new armor treasure chests

You didn't think Nintendo was just going to give you the DLC items, did you?


The first piece of downloadable content for the excellent The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is out now, and the new DLC brings with it a bunch of new stuff for Link to do such as the Trial of the Sword but also new gear for him to collect and wear.

The new gear added in this first part of the DLC expansion pass is exciting for a few reasons. For one, most of the gear nods back in some way or another to classic titles in the Zelda series, something which long-time fans will no doubt get a kick out of. Better still is this, though: the gear in question all carries unique effects, some of them all new, that'll give you some more gameplay options. It adds to the already huge range of armor in the game, some of which is detailed in our Breath of the Wild guide.

In true Nintendo fashion these items aren't just dropped into your inventory once the 500mb DLC download is installed - that'd be too easy! Instead Nintendo has turned the DLC itself into a little adventure, scattering the items across Hyrule and leaving it to you to find and retrieve them.

If you want to know where they all are, you've come to the right place. Let's get down to it.

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Korok Mask Location

The Korok Mask is incredibly useful because it shakes and rustles when a Korok is nearby. There are over 900 Korok seeds in Breath of the Wild, and many of them are very well hidden indeed. This mask acts as headgear armor and will make finding them much easier.

The Korok Mask can be found in The Lost Woods, an area we detailed in our guide to finding the location of The Master Sword. When you reach the area that has two burning lights and a torch you can pick up, pick up the torch and light it.

Now look carefully at the torch: the embers will be blown off it and will go in a particular direction. Keep moving in the direction of the embers to avoid getting lost in the woods, but on the way be sure to look at any trees that have gaping, open mouths. Inside one tree's mouth is a treasure chest with the letters 'EX' on it. Lift the chest from the tree with Magnesis and grab the item inside - the Korok Mask!

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Majora's Mask Location

Majora's Mask is of course the star of the show from the classic N64 entry of the same name, and it's actually quite easily found. In Breath of the Wild, wearing it will make some types of enemies friendly to you, stopping them from attacking you.

The mask is found in Kolomo Garrison Ruins. These ruins are immediately North of the Oman Au Shrine on the starting area of the Great Plateau. Teleport there and glide north - Kolomo Garrison ruins sits on the inlet of land that juts into Lake Kolomo. The chest is buried underground here, so equip your Magnesis rune and use it to pull the chest free of the ground. It'll pop out, then you'll be able to open it.

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Midna's Helmet Location

Midna's Helmet was worn by the character of the same name in Twilight Princess, Link's sidekick in that game. She was from an ancient realm and so the location of her helmet fits that. Wearing it will provide you with a defense buff when facing off against Guardians, some of the most deadly regular enemies in the game.

The helmet is found at the Sage Temple Ruins - this is to the West of Central Hyrule, nestling the Western Regencia River. Look for Mount Daphnes (the mountain that sometimes glows at night) - it's just north of there, or just West of the Giant's Forest area. The chest is hiding away underwater, but you can use Magnesis to retrieve it.

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Tingle's Outfit Location

Tingle's Outfit is a tribute to everybody's favorite pretend fairy Tingle, who first debuted in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This is a full armor set made up of three parts, and each is found in a different location in the general Hyrule Field / Central Hyrule area.

Tingle's Hood

The Tingle's Hood item is found in the Exchange Ruins, a ruined marketplace. This is not far north of the edge of the Great Plateau starting area, just north of Lake Kolomo.

While you're here, it's worth keeping in mind two pieces of the Phantom Armor (listed below) are very nearby. Tingle's Hood, meanwhile, is buried in the ground in the Exchange Ruins - use Magenesis to get your hands on the chest.

Tingle's Shirt

Tingle may have hit on hard times at some point, since his shirt is found in Hyrule Castle Town Prison. This prison isn't actually in Hyrule Castle Town, but rather is just to the West of Hyrule Castle proper on an island in the middle of Hyrule Castle moat that has a road curving through it.

On that island you'll once again find a chest buried in the ground with the shirt off Tingle's back inside.

Tingle's Tights

Tingle's Tights are found in the Mabe Village Ruins, a ruined town named for the central location of Links Awakening, one of the best ever Zelda games. Mabe Village is found just south of the Eastern edge of Hyrule Castle Town Ruins - it's surrounded by Mabe Prairie and the Ranch Ruins, and isn't far from the Sacred Ground Ruins.

Find a dead guardian and look underneath it - you'll see the chest sticking out. Use Magnesis to lift the chest up, flipping the guardian in the process.

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Phantom Armor Location

The Phantom Armor set is based off the classic Phantom Knight enemies from The Wind Waker and its two Nintendo DS based sequels - they're a classic Zelda design. This is a full armor set consisting of three parts - Helmet, Armor and Greaves. Each is found in a different location.

Phantom Helmet Location

The Phantom Helmet is found in the Coliseum Ruins location. This is found to the South-West of the main 'Hyrule Field' central area of the map in front of Hyrule Castle, and not far from the North-West edge of the Great Plateau starting area. Look for a circular building with red/purple Ganon corruption around it - that's the one.

Inside, you'll find the helmet in a half-buried chest marked EX in the top left corner of the coliseum (when facing north). The chest is buried, so you'll need to heave it out from underground with Magnesis.

Phantom Armor Location

The Phantom Armor chest piece is found in the Sacred Ground Ruins. This one is really easy, especially if you did the story beats by finding all the recovered memories - you'll have been here before. This is the shrine-type area directly in front / south of Hyrule Castle and Hyrule Castle Town.

The treasure chest is in some of the water around this shrine, and must again be pulled out with Magnesis.

Phantom Graves Location

The Phantom Greaves are found in the Hyrule Garrison Ruins - which are actually quite close to the Coliseum Ruins. North of the Coliseum and over Aquame Bridge, head East. There's Exchange Ruins, Windvane Meadow, and above them the Hyrule Garrison Ruins.

Once again, this treasure chest is found underground - it's near a dead guardian, and can be retrieved with Magnesis.

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