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Black Friday 2015: The best Xbox One deals - retailers with cheapest prices

The best Xbox One deals for Black Friday 2015. Bookmark this page right now.

Xbox One Black Friday Deals - the best prices on hardware and software

If you still don't have one, Black Friday 2015 will be the best opportunity so far to grab yourself an Xbox One. All the best Xbox One deals over Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be posted on this page, so be sure to bookmark and check back regularly in the run-up to November 27 to make sure you get the most for your money.

Whether you're looking for Xbox One console hardware, accessories or just games, we've got you covered. All the deals below are split out into categories to make it easier to find what you're looking for. We've even divided everything into US and UK deals, so you should get quickly pointed in the right direction no matter which side of the Atlantic you inhabit.

There are still weeks to go before Black Friday kicks off, but be sure to keep checking back regularly as we update with all the great Xbox One deals we can find.

The best Xbox One bundle deals

All the best Xbox One console deals

  • US
    • Nothing here yet! Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy and Gamestop are likely to have some great deals but check back for more deals as we approach November 27.
  • UK
    • Nothing here yet! Amazon, Ebay, GAME and Zavvi had some of the best deals last year but check back for more deals as we approach November 27.

Best Xbox One Games Deals

Best Xbox One Accessory Deals

  • UK
    • Nothing here yet! Check back for more deals as we approach November 27.

Where did Black Friday come from?


Black Friday, as with Americana in general, hasn't been around for as long as you think. The US's most notorious sales day, which always takes place on the day after Thanksgiving, took off in the early 2000s. Despite not being a public holiday, it's now as permanent a day off as Thanksgiving itself. Black Friday 2015 hits November 27. The American Christmas sales calendar kicks off here, and everyone's looking to save.

The term "Black Friday" originated in Philadelphia, and was used to describe the amount of traffic (and people) jams associated with shopping the day after Thanksgiving. The phrase has been associated with the holiday in the US since the 60s.

In the last ten years, retailers have opened increasingly early to allow shoppers to grab the best deals before anyone else. Now many open their brick-and-mortar stores at midnight, as overnight queuing became an undesirable norm. But, with people being literally killed in the physical process of forcing into buildings to save money on games consoles and new hats, online shopping is, for the most of us, the best way to get involved and profit. If you're in the market for Xbox One console hardware and games, you should bookmark this page right now.

Xbox One on Black Friday 2015

Xbox One's history with Black Friday is one of success. Consoles are always hot tickets on Black Friday because of the proximity of Christmas, and Xbox One is a prime device for the American games market. Xbox One beat PS4 sales on Black Friday in 2014, accounting for 53% of all consoles sold.

It's safe to assume Xbox One will perform very strongly over Black Friday this year. It won in 2014 even after a down-beat launch and PS4's ten-monthly winning streak (PS4 accounted for only 31% of all consoles sold on Black Friday 2014). This year, major Xbox One software releases are finally in place to give the machine a proper run at Christmas success, with the exclusivity of Halo 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider expected to drive strong sales, with or without Black Friday discounting. Microsoft should have a good time this holiday, and many gamers will be looking to score a no-brainer price on Xbox One.

It will happen. We'll be updating constantly with the best deals on Xbox One hardware, software and accessories in both the US and UK.

You'll also need to be watching for the best digital Xbox One deals, too. Digital game sales were huge on Black Friday 2014: gamers spent 23% more around the Thanksgiving holiday on PC DLC than they did the previous year, and Microsoft will be pushing its downloads hard through the Xbox Marketplace.

“Traditionally, digital games do not follow the drastic seasonal spikes of retail, which remains vastly dominant during the holiday season,” noted SuperData. “Retail’s huge discounts on hardware were instrumental in driving digital mobile and console game sales, earning revenues of $355 million and $111 million, respectively.

“Overall, spending on digital games reached over one billion in sales in November, as the holiday frenzy reaches critical mass.”


The UK and Black Friday

Britain, the ever-loving adopter of all things American, took to Black Friday with gusto in 2014. While large discounts on expensive items, such as TVs and games consoles, are obviously good for consumers, scenes of disorder and violence at some stores marred an otherwise successful event.

This report from The Telegraph highlighted some of the more serious instances of people getting a little over-excited in the British sales:

"Shortly after midnight, when some shops opened their doors, a 42-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault at a Tesco in Burnage, Greater Manchester.

"Another man was arrested on suspicion of a public order offence after police were called to reports of fighting in a 300-strong crowd at a Tesco in Hattersley.

"A third man was held at a Tesco in Salford, after he threatened to 'smash' in a shop worker’s face, police said. In Stretford fights broke out and a woman was injured by a falling television.

"A member of staff at a branch of Tesco in Manchester was seen with a black eye after a disturbance broke out, and one shopper said the store had resembled 'a war zone at midnight'.

"Other witnesses described shoppers behaving like “animals” at a branch of the supermarket in Edmonton, north London."

Animals! A bit of good old-fashioned Torygraph moralising aside, it's clear British people are just as willing as their American counterparts to engage in physical altercation to save a few hundred quid on a slightly larger TV. And thank God for that.

Here's a video of English bargain-hunters shouting at each other in an ASDA in the middle of the night over winning a cheaper doll or something. As you'll see, the sales brought "chaos" to some supermarkets, with situations becoming heated enough to involve the police. Kids today, etc.

While people getting slightly injured and a little upset in public is always funny, the British police were less than amused.

Sir Peter Fahy, chief constable of Greater Manchester Police, pulled a very serious face when he said: “The events of last night were totally predictable and I am disappointed that stores did not have sufficient security staff on duty."

Online shopping on Black Friday

Pretty obviously, going to an actual shop on Black Friday is the preserve of the clinically deranged, meaning punters on either side of the Atlantic are much better off doing their shopping online.

You won't be alone, however. Black Friday 2014 set online records across the board, with Walmart.com serving an incredible 500 million pages over the sales. Online buying was up more than 8% year-over-year, with some sites, such as BestBuy.com, failing to meet demand and being forced offline by pure weight of numbers.

Amazon's sales increased 26% compared to Black Friday 2013. Don't expect the rises to stop in 2015. Stick with us for the best Xbox One deals throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday, both in the US and UK.

Best deals by retailer


Best Buy

Like most years, the Big Box store will offer various discounts available either online or in store. Last year, it hosted one of the larger Black Friday sales with buy-two-get-one-free deals on used games and various discounts on console bundles. Newer releases were also marked down and deeper discounts on games released earlier in the year will likely be available as well. Best Buy also sells computers, hardware and every kind of accessory under the sun, so look out for those deals as well.


The video game specialty store doesn't seem to have banging new release deals during Black Friday, but at least its prices are on par with competitors. What is does well is slash prices on its myriad of used games and consoles. Plus, those who are PowerUp Rewards members can save even more, depending on how many points they have accumulated. GameStop always has a Cyber Monday sale, so keep an eye out for that as well.



Many seem to forget Kmart exists, and while it doesn't have the best selection of games currently on the market, it does a good job of carrying the heavy hitters. It's Doorbuster sales on Thursday and Friday are some of the best around, and if you HAVE to go to the store in person, you're less likely to get trampled or pepper sprayed than, oh, say going to Walmart.



Microsoft Store

Xbox consoles, games and Microsoft accessories are the better deals on offer with the retail store. Deals can be purchased online as well, should a store not be located in your area. Most of the console bundle deals will be available at other retailers, so if you're shopping elsewhere, be sure to compare pricing. Same goes for the Microsoft Surface tablets and the Windows phones.




It's not just for groceries, wonderful apple cinnamon muffins and some of the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet. It also sells other things you are interested in, like video games. Sometimes the deals are store-specific promotions, so be sure to check your local mailers. Last year, it had a rather nice buy one get one free game sale, and some newer titles were marked down up to $20 off the suggested $60 price.



Parent company of Kmart since 2004, Sears has been around since 1893 and while browsing the game aisles at one of its store locations isn't the most exciting thing in the world, it knows how to throw on a sale. Your best bet would be to shop online, unless there is a particular Door Buster on offer you want. Just don't get distracted by all of the televisions on offer. Some of the store's deals on Sony TVs will make you forget all about that shooter game you wanted, and someone will end up snatching the last copy.


The store is great about tossing in a $50 gift card when buying a specialty bundle, and we expect no less from the retailer this year. Buying a console bundle? You're likely to get one of these lovely gift cards. The store offer $15 gift cards last year when buying four or more games at a time. Store gift cards are great, and when handed out for buying something you were planning on already, you can use the extra cash to buy any game you want. Or toilet paper or some other hygiene necessity with it. We aren't here to judge.


Toys R US

Most sales started on Thanksgiving Day last year, and Toys "R" Us was no exception. While it usually has offers similar to other retail stores, last year's Flashback Consoles sale was super cool. For $29.99 you could have walked out the door with an Intellivision, Colecovision, Sega or Atari. Not bad, especially if the one you have in your closet stopped working years ago. We wouldn't be surprised to see 40% off video game titles once again, and if you're in the market for a toys-to-life video game such as Skylanders, you may want to check the price at Toys "R" Us first.



Ah. The Beast of Bentonville. Wally World. Sprawlmart. Whatever nickname you call it, don't discount it: Walmart will match or beat any of its competitor's prices. So, toss that Meijer, Best Buy or GameStop mailer in your pocket; find a parking space 500 yards from the door; brave the crowd of old ladies hellbent on running you down with their scooter and beating you with their ginormous purses. It will be totally worth the aggravation once you get your hands on your intended item - and the store exclusive amiibo you just happened to see back in the electronics department.


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