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Weekly mmo news round-up: Star Trek, LOTRO, EVE, it's all here

star trek

Not a whole lot this week in MMOs that didn't hit the front page - still, there's still some news past the break.

Read on to find out more about changes in the Legendary System and Skirmishes to Lord of the Rings Online when Siege of Mirkwood is releases.

Also, while scanning through the bullet organizes updates, you will find information on crew member jobs for Star Trek Online, a release date for EVE Online: Dominion, and how families who play MMOs can keep safety in mind when letting children play online.

It's all ahead. Click onward.

  • Frogster Interactive has announced the release of patch 2.1 for Runes of Magic wich includes the Aotulia Volcano nestled in the evil Naga empire. There's lava flows and snake-like humanoids that were banished following the Great War against Elves and humans. GamersHell has pics. Go look.
  • EVE Online: Dominion is slated for a December 1 release, and is the eleventh free expansion for sci-fi'er. Dominion alters alliance warfare (considered EVE's endgame), and adds new arcs for pirate factions, has updated planet art, a revamped server browser, and loads more.
  • Turbine has decided to update the Legendary system in LOTRO with the expansion the Siege of Mirkwood. Note on the changes can be found over on LOTROlife, and if you play the game, you seriously need to read it over. Massively also has a look at Skirmishes which will be added to the game with the update, and don't forget that the Harvestmath Festival starts October 13. Time to get your gray horse. Hopefully the race end was fixed in time for it.
  • Cryptic has offered up some details on crew and bridge officers for Star Trek Online. The general crew members are the redshirts who do all sorts of mundane and technical stuff that you as the important one should not get your hands dirty with. You have green multi-boobed women to score with ya know. Bridge officers can be interacted with and assigned to stations on the ship: Engineering, Science, and Tactical. Each can also be assigned ranks, and different ships will focus on different types. More through here. While we are chatting about all things Star Trek, Eurogamerhas an awesome interview with executive producer Craig Zinkievich who chats with the site about betas, consoles, finding people in chests (?), Klingons, and random content generation.
  • Massively has a great post up on its site regarding MMOs and family safety. Its a great read for anyone who plays MMOS, whose children do, or who play them together as a group thing. Keeping kids safe on the internet is important, and this has some very good tips.
  • Webzen has released an open beta client for Archlord, for users in South America and South East Asia. Currently, the game has been and still is in service in North America and Europe and you can get the client here through GamersHell.
  • Tales of the Damned is an expansion due to be released later this month for Dragonica Online, and the official website has some information on it along with some screens to get you worked up for it. Apparently, the expansion will offer yp a new area called the Van Cliff dungeon, for players level 60 and up. It also has three new three elite bosses, the big elite boss the giant Bone Dragon, a new tournament system for guilds, a level cap increase, new mission scoring, a pet system and the addition of Drakos' Tower which will be released a few weeks after the expansion and has brings mazes and puzzles, three new bosses and new armor sets. That is one hell of an update if we do say so ourselves.

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