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There are 9 different Watch Dogs editions; are pre-orders going too far?

Watch Dogs will be unleashed on May 27, and a surfaced pre-order sheet shows that there are nine different editions up for grabs, and a dizzying amount of bonus content. So we ask you, dear reader, are things getting out of hand?


It follows Sony retracting claims that Watch Dogs PS4 runs at 1080p/60FPS.

Kotaku has posted a spreadsheet grab that shows all nine Watch Dogs editions and the game's season pass, showing you which pieces of content come in each pack. It's a bloody mess.

There's the standard, special, vigilant, Uplay, limited, Dedsec, digital deluxe, Uplay deluxe and Gold editions of the game, and there's the season pass content on top. The site reckons that to get all of the available merch and other add-ons you'd have to buy four different versions of the game.

We've often seen gamers on our site blasting companies for announcing a slew of pre-order and day one DLC before a game launches, but someone at Ubisoft clearly thinks we need more of it, and as Kotaku has suggested, perhaps this is because you're all actually buying it.

Such is the nature of the supply and demand beast after all, but it's obvious that many of you are still resisting the lure of cosmetic pre-order DLC offered in higher-price - sometimes ludicrously so - bundles.

Which version will you be getting come May 27? Let us know below.

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