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Watch Dogs: Planting a Bug - guide Bedbug, server room, escape Viceroys

We can make this long-winded task a lot easier for you if you follow our step-by-step guide to getting Bedbug to the server room.


Objective: Get into position and contact Bedbug

Drop the bug into the trash, get the audio log off the bar and get into position. Go back outside and get over to the next waypoint.

When you're at the destination go to the south side and scale the fence to the compound. Use the forklift to to get inside. Take cover behind the large carrier and access the camera above you, look left for another camera and point that right to hack the panel that unlocks the door.

There are two guards here. one is close but will move away and the other is across the year. Wait until both are looking the other way and head to the unlocked door. Be quick as you're likely to get spotted if you don't time it exactly right. If you're spotted take cover and prepare for them tossing explosives your way.

Objective: Guide Bedbug to Iraq's locked server room

Your object is to get Bedbug to Iraq's server room without being seen. When the guard in the hallway rounsd the corner, guide Bedbug down the hall - again, be quick-sharp and switch to the camera at the end of the hall for a better look.

Move Bedbug to hide behind the palette. the guard doesn't come this far but make sure the other guard in the room close by isn't visible, then use the laptop camera to switch view to the camera in the other room. Now switch back.

Wait for both guards to be out of the way and guide Bedbug into the other room. He can only go to one spot in the room from here, so change to the camera across the room and wait for the guard to move along to the right and turn his back Move bedbug behind the desk closest to the camera.

No switch to the camera on the other wall then the camera in the next room. Move it right to hack the laptop and distract the guard using the Attract point on the right. When he turns his back move Bedbug to the desk near the laptop. Using the camera in the corner, tilt it right to see the camera in the next room.

Turn the next camera to the right and watch the guard's movements. When he turns shift Bedbug to the palette next to the door and the panel. Unlock the panel, switch to the next camera and wait for the guard in the other room to move out of sight. Now move Bedbug to the short wall in the front room and continue to flip between cameras until you get the once in the room with the guard.

Use the Attract item on the table underneath the camera to distract the guard then move Bedbug to the doorway on the left. Switch to the camera above the doorway and move Bedbug toward the panel on the wall. Unlock the panel and access Bedbug's hidden camera. When he walks into the next room unlock the next door when he's near the door.

When the camera in the next room is visible switch to it and hack to access another mini-game. Turn the upper left corner point twice and the point to its right twice. Move the lower left point (near the bottom) once and move the time point on the far right twice.

Unlock the middle point on the left and turn it once, the upper right point three times and the point directly below it twice. Unlock the point below it and turn it three times and then click on the point at the bottom to move to the second puzzle.

Turn the point at the bottom twice, then move to the point above it and to the right and turn it twice. Turn point on the left twice, then move up one point and turn it once. Turn the point to the right three times, then move up to the point in the middle and unlock it. Move down one point to the left and turn it three times, then move down again and turn it once. Unlock the far left point, turn it twice and move up to the right and turn it once. Move down one point and turn it three more times, move diagonally up and to the right and turn it once. Turn the point just below it three times, then move to the far right, unlock it and turn that point twice.

We're nearly done.

Move down to the bottom point and turn it three times, then the top point once. This unlocks the final point just above it to complete the puzzle. Move the camera to the left and hack the door.

Objective: Escape the Viceroys

Get in a car and put your foot down. If you can avoid the enemy cars it will be a lot easier for you to get away. Mission complete!

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