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Wasteland 2 guide: secure Santa Fe Springs

Fight off packs of dogs and fix the perimeter fence before you head out into the wastelands of L.A.


Wasteland 2 guide: Assist Santa Fe Springs

When you first land in Los Angeles go forward and right where you meet Nick Pooches. Kill the dogs as quickly as possible and then talk to Dave, the only survivor. You'll need to secure the perimeter of the base to stop more dogs attacking and find L.T. Woodson. If you can, use Surgeon skill to have a deeper conversation.

To check on Woodson first, go up the path past the old car and around the first building. You'll see a second building with word bubbles and Woodson shouting for help. Go to the eastern side of the building and you'll get into another fight with Nick Pooches. Kill the dogs and head into the building to find Woodson. He'll need to get the radio back online, but first go back to Dave to let him know Woodson is still alive.

You need to do two things to secure the area; fix the fence with boards from the pile of lumber at the corner of the radio building, and kill any remaining dogs.

Go along the path (with the timber in hand) until you have to fight another pack of dogs. Use a board to fix the hole in the fence here. Go west up the path along the fence until you need to fight another pack of dogs. Again, kill them and repair the fence.

The third hole is near the gate you'll use to enter the Wasteland, so follow the path until it splits in two. Go down the eastern path over the water and follow it until you come to dogs at the front gate. Kill them and repair the fence.

Now go back to the split in the path and go in the other direction to kill more dogs and patch up the fence here, and the hole in the fence down the southern path. Woodson will call you back when you're done.

Listen to the radio broadcasts and speak to Dave. Woodson will ask you to scout the other groups in L.A. to see how dangerous they are. You also need to help citizens, upgrade your rad suits and regain communication with the Ranger Citadel back in Arizona.

Woodson hands you three Repeater Units (one is a main quest item). Once your party is all set, it's time to head out into Los Angeles and complete a bunch of side quests.

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