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Wasteland 2 guide: battle your way to the Citadel

As we get close to the endgame, it's time to track down Mattias by fighting your way through the Citadel.

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Battle your way to the Citadel

You'll need to upgrade you rad suits one last time with Zeolite. If you're short, go back to Griffith Park. There are three bags on a shelf near the radio tower and to the right of that is a safe with another two bags inside it. Take them to Santa Fe Springs and Woodson will upgrade the suits for you.

The New Citadel Exterior

Before you go any further you should visit the nearest merchant, stocking up on medipacks, ammo and pain relief. You're going to need it. There should be a merchant right outside the man base in L.A.

Go to the world map and head south from Santa fe until you hit the radiation wall, equip your new suits and walk through into the new area.

This is the New Citadel, where Mattias lives. Mad Money Mike has some things to sell, but once you've dealt with him he gets shot down so buy it while you can. Go past the crashed chopped and down the west path where you'll find Dweezle and Johnie Zipper. When the conversation is over kill Dweezle and Johnie will open the southern door for you into the compound.You'll have to fight some enemies here, so deal with them using the cover to your advantage, then head down the ladder at the back of the area.

New Citadel Interior

Go through to the next hall and turn east. Follow the path until you reach a junction and north into a room with enemies behind a barrier. Take them out then go to the locked door at the end. Save your game here as even with full Computer Science you only have a 70% chance of unlocking the door. Use Perception and you'll also see a trap that your Demolition skill will take care of.

When you come to the next junction head through the north door (ignore the two other doors) and use Lockpicking to continue further into the building. There are big machines building robots here, and you'll start a conversation with Dugan - he sends robots and a Meson Cannon to attack you so be prepared.

Once those are dead go into the elevator and ride back to the surface.

Dugan Face-off

Now you have to fight Dugan and it's not easy. He has a Scorpitron with 3000 HP that spits out minions. Dugan himself is an easier target with only 500 HP. A good tactic is to focus the main squad on Dugan and the minions, then use high-powered specialists on the Scorpitron and Meson Cannon.

When Dugan and the lesser enemies are dead, focus on the big enemies and use TNT, energy weapons and grenades. Heal up, reload and head to the helicopter because you're going back to Arizona for one last fight.

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