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Vermintide 2 patch 1.0.4 squashes Skittergate level bugs, reduces amount of troll projectile-vomit

Patch 1.0.4 is now available for Warhammer: Vermintide 2, and it's rather beefy.

Vermintide 2 players can expect various fixes, stability improvements and balance adjustments today once applying patch 1.0.4.

One of the main areas of focus for developer Fatshark was the Skittergate level and the end fight. Today's patch solves many of the bugs in this area.

Due to Bubblespit Halleberry being rather hard and "unforgiving," players will find the max health reduced by 10% for all difficulty levels. The team wanted this fight to remain challenging and different from the other Lords, so it only tweaked the balance a bit.

Other changes include tweak to how spawn roamers and specials are handled.  Each a level is played, the Conflict Director divides the level into segments, and will now spawn either Skaven or Chaos enemies, or a mix of both.

An issue on Legend difficulty regarding the amount of horde waves using the default Recruit settings was fixed.  Spawn hordes will now number in fewer than three waves with timing "tweaked specifically for the Legend experience."

If you're just getting started on Vermintide 2, we have plenty of information on the Vermintide 2 Loot System, progression, a guide on the Vermintide 2 character classes, along with weapon and item traits.

Full notes for Vermintide 2 patch 1.0.4 pulled straight from Fatshark are below.

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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - update 1.0.4 patch notes



This patch solves many of the bugs reported by players.

  • Players’ buffs and talents will not be removed when they move through the portal.
  • Fixed issues with the final boss’ HP bar showing negative values for clients.
  • Fixed issues with some of the animated props in the level, where their state would not be synchronized to joining clients.
  • The final boss will no longer get stuck in corners, or spawn outside the combat area.
  • Fixed a crash when the final boss would cast a spell on a player that left the game.
  • The final boss fight on Skittergate is divided into two stages. The duration of the fight should now be more equal between both parts.
  • The boss in the first stage of the final fight on Skittergate is now more resistant to burst attacks, but deal less damage with his guns. The boss in the second stage has had his health reduced by around a third.
  • Spawning of enemies during the final boss fight on Skittergate has been tweaked to reduce the frequency of certain enemy types, such as Berserkers and shielded units.


Burblespue Halescourge

Bubblespit Halleberry turned out a bit harder and more unforgiving compared to the other Lords, mainly because of unavoidable attacks and a high health pool.

Team still wants the fight to be challenging and different from the other lords, but it's tuning the Burgersnot fight to make it more fair and balanced.

  • Max health reduced by 10% for all difficulties.
  • Plague Wave - the green illusions. The angle has been increased for the triple Plague Wave attack, allowing players more space when avoiding it.
  • Plague Wave can now be dodged more efficiently by lowering the impact radius when the player is dodging.
  • Lowered Number of Berserkers spawned on Legend difficulty from 5 to 3.
  • Lowered number of Marauders spawned on Champion and Legend when spawning with Berserkers and Chaos Warriors.


Balancing Spawns

How roamers are spawned is being tweaked.  There is now a smoother distribution of elites in general. The team felt it had been a bit heavy on armored types on the higher difficulties.

Tweaks to how specials are spawned, e.g. Gutter Runners, Warpfire Throwers, and Hook Rats: each time you play a level, the Conflict Director divides the level into segments, which primarily spawn either Skaven or Chaos enemies, or a mix of both.

Recruit Difficulty

  • Removed double chance of disabler specials for Skaven segments.

Veteran Difficulty

  • Removed double chance of disabler specials for Skaven segments.
  • Increased time between specials spawn for Chaos segments, it was a bit lower than other segments.

Champion Difficulty

  • Removed the increased chance for spawning disabler specials.
  • Increased time between specials spawn slightly for Mixed and Skaven segments.

Legend Difficulty

  • Removed the increased chance for spawning disabler specials.
  • Increased time between specials spawn for Skaven segments.
  • Increased time between specials spawn for Chaos segments just a smidge, since they have a lower total special allowance anyways.

Fixed an issue on Legend difficulty with the amount of horde waves using the default Recruit settings. Should now correctly spawn hordes across no fewer than three waves with timing tweaked specifically for the Legend experience.

Overall, the balance changes to Legend provide a more varied, fair, and fun experience on the higher difficulty setting, with three times the size of hordes for good coop fun.

The way Specials are tweaked also improves the variations of enemies, but at the same time, the patch increased timings to make for less spammy playthroughs.


  • Fixed an issue when the Bile Troll would get stuck in an animation loop while it was crouching, or when it was close to certain walls.
  • Tweaked some attacks of the Bile Troll to not trigger when the troll does not have line of sight to the player.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Rat Ogre to rapidly perform his shove attack.
  • Fixed an issue when the Chaos Spawn would get stuck while grabbing a player while all other players are knocked out or dead.
  • The Leech Sorcerer should no longer damage his target before grabbing it, i.e. teleporting onto a player will no longer damage them.
  • Beam staff now determine crits for each overcharge tick (each 0.45 seconds) instead of for the duration of the attack. This change was made in order to ensure a predictable crit rate that could not be manipulated.
  • Fixed Fencing sword pistol shot to not do less damage when critting.
  • When attack speed buffs ended during melee attacks it caused the attack to not count. This was more obvious with slow sweeping weapons. Attacks will now retain any attack speed buffs they had when starting the action.
  • Fixed an issue when crossbows sometimes fires twice, when under effects that remove ammo cost - such as the Bounty Hunters crit talent.
  • Fixed Kruber’s Huntsman Career Skill to correctly reset the FOV after deactivating.
  • Fixed an issue where shotguns with “critical strike effectiveness” were incorrectly getting an increase to power level when critting on top of the extra boost damage.
  • Added over 2000 new missing localized subtitles for voice over, in all languages.


  • Some of the Bile Troll’s attacks would still damage a player even if the attack was blocked. This was a bit too punishing. We removed this effect on some of the troll’s faster attacks, like the shove.
  • Decreased the amount of troll projectile-vomit to 20 liters.

Stability / Performance

  • Fixed a rare crash on startup that happened when the game process had restricted thread affinity,
  • Fixed a rare crash on startup on laptops with dedicated GPU.
  • Fixed a crash when Loot Rats were damaged on the end event explosions of Athel Yenlui and Righteous Stand, or when getting hit by a Plague Claw projectile on Fort Brachsenbrücke.
  • Fixed an issue where it would take a long time for the Halescourge end fight to trigger.
  • Fixed a rare crash when hitting the body part of an enemy that had been pulped by another player.
  • Fixed rare crash when removing the smoke cloud from Bardin’s Ranger Veteran Career Skill.
  • Fixed a crash when warpfire flames hit the summoning sorcerers in the end event in Convocation of Decay.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if a player leaves while an enemy tries to play attack dialogue.
  • Fixed a crash when dead players drop a long way and try to spawn their equipped pickup items (tomes, first aid kits, potions, etc.)
  • Fixed a crash for other players when starting a flamethrower attack (Drakegun or Flamestorm Staff) and switching to a melee weapon immediately afterwards.
  • Fixed a crash when voting for a mission while a player vote kick is active.
  • Fixed rare crash when switching ranged weapons as Kerillian Waystalker and having the Vaul's Quiver talent selected.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the sound system.
  • Outlines that intersect with screen edges no longer create an outline on the left and right sides.
  • FXAA is now applied to outlines.
  • The game now applies the “Sharpness Filter” render settings directly without requiring a restart.

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