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Tribes of Midgard Day 15: How to survive Fimbulwinter

Tribes of Midgard Day 15 might be the game’s biggest challenge, but it’s worth taking on.

If you manage to survive endless winter, you’ll unlock the game’s eighth class, the Warden. It's a difficult trial, but you've got 14 days to make the right preparations to help see it through.

Tribes of Midgard Day 15 | How to unlock Warden

As the name suggests, you have to stick around in a session past day 14 to reach day (and night) 15 in Tribes of Midgard. You can’t Bifrost out, and there's no need to find Fragments this time.

The trouble is, Fimbulwinter descends on day 15 and lives up to its name. Endless winter means you take cold damage unless you have cold-resistant gear or a hefty stash of temperature potions. The village is constantly under attack as well.

Surviving Fimbulwinter is the ultimate challenge, but it’s also something you can manage with the right planning.

Tribes of Midgard Day 15 | How to survive Fimbulwinter

The settlement is under constant attack, so upgrading your gates is a must. NPCs aren’t the most competent fighters in the game, but you’ll want to upgrade them as well. You need all the help you can get, plus access to better items and upgrades is always a good thing.

Make sure to stock up on potions, including temperature potions and health and mana potions. You’ll need Mushroom Oil for that, so head to the Bright Forest sometime before day 15 to get as much as you can.

Obviously, having high-level gear and weapons is a must. Prioritize weapons that have elemental attributes and can inflict status, such as paralyze, on foes to make crowd control easier. We also recommend trying the Berserker class for its significant offensive potential.

If all else fails and you can’t handle it alone, try co-op mode to share the burden.

Should you manage to survive, the Warden is yours to play as in future sessions. It’s a handy, jack-of-all-trades class with a unique set of offensive and support skills.

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