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This Doom mod adds loot boxes to the gaming classic

Finally, this 1993 classic has reached the pinnacle of AAA gaming.

The original Doom was an instantly iconic video game that captivated fans and revitalized the entire first-person shooter genre. How boring. It's so 1993, am I right? Thankfully, it doesn't take much to bring Doom up to modern gaming standards - just install the Doom loot box mod!

This third-party modification created by one "Rip and Tear" makes a few minor adjustments to gameplay. Most noticeably, it removes all weapons and power-ups from the map, replacing some of them with a UAC crate. Opening a crate requires a key, which you have a chance of obtaining randomly with each enemy kill. Opening the crate with a colourful flourish provides a random weapon or power-up. Shotguns tend to be more common drops, while rocket launchers and BFGs tend to be more rare.

Doom is also provided with a Market in its Main Menu which lets you purchase key and crate bundles for a variety of prices. Of course, clicking any option reminds players that the Doom servers have been taken offline, leaving us without access to the feature.

StronkiTonki, a user in the ZDoom forums, recently published a YouTube video after taking this mod for a test drive. As you can see from his footage, loot boxes break the game almost immediately. Without any option to purchase loot, players are forced to grind through large stretches of levels with a pistol, eventually finding a chainsaw after a few maps. After restorting to cheat codes and spawning disposable enemies, StronkiTonki finally reaches 10 keys, but that milestone required a staggering 600 kills. Wow, how could people ever enjoy Doom without these modern conveniences?

More seriously, I suppose we should just be grateful Doom 2016 launched before loot boxes became the industry standard.

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