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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Pomp and Strange Circumstance

You can change your fate, and that of the sisters, too.

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Pomp and Strange Circumstance

From here on, we believe you're locked into one of two endings. If you collected Syanna's ribbon for her during Beyond Hill and Dale and have been generally positive towards her, you can unlock the second of the two options by completing optional objectives and making specific dialogue choices (you don't have to have viewed her love scene). Otherwise (for example, if you got here via What Lies Unseen), you're stuck with Ending 1 - but you might want to explore the optional path anyway, just so you know what's going on in the story.

Regis has a theory Syanna’s plans may not have been totally scotched, and asks you to keep investigating. You must agree to investigate the matter to unlock the alternate ending: say you'll meet him there or agree to travel with him.

Head down to Beauclair Port and approach the objective marker there (or just travel with Regis). After your chat head up the road and go through the door into the shelter; it’s to the right of the locked door you’ll probably try first. Beat up the thugs you meet there and chat with the proprietor. After the scenes you’ll have some very interesting information.

This is a very good place to make a back up save if you're aiming for Ending 2.

Head back to Beauclair Palace and through the marked door. Take the internal door and climb the stairs. You don’t have to spill the beans to the guard to get him to let you in. Just follow him up the stairs.


During your chat with Syanna, if you’ve met the conditions described above you can guess her true motives (the third option; that the duchess turned her back on and forgot Syanna). This opens a third choice in the next dialogue choice, which is really important:

  • If you talk about honesty or say you’ve heard enough, Syanna stays angry with the duchess no matter what you say next (Ending 1).
  • If you suggest Syanna forgive the duchess, she begins to mellow (Ending 2). This option is not available if you don't guess Syanna's motives.

As far as we can tell after repeat testing, only one further dialogue choice matters, and which options are available depend on your actions so far. It all boils down to what advice you give the duchess during Syanna's trial.

If you've been very kind and understanding whenever you spoke to Syanna, both options will be merciful. If you have given mixed signals, there'll be one harsh and one merciful option. If you've really messed things up with the lady, or came via What Lies Unseen, both options will be harsh.

  • Ending 1
    You say that Syanna is "clearly guilty" and deserves the same punishment as any criminal, or that all that matters is "the good of the Duchy". The scene ends in tragedy for the sisters and the duchy. Head to the grave and chat with Damien and pay your respects as you choose.
  • Ending 2
    You say that Syana had "cause to feel pain", or another kind and forgiving option. The sisters reconcile.

In either case, you’ll then be transported to Regis’s cemetery. Put on the mask and gloves in the quest items tab of your inventory as the mandrake roots are very toxic. Follow Regis’s trail to find him in a battle; your help is not required here. After some more chatting you can proceed to the final quest of this expansion's storyline, Be It Ever So Humble.

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