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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - La Cage au Fou

That Regis. What a guy.

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - La Cage au Fou

After meeting Regis at the end of Blood Run, you'll need to track him down to his lair.

The cemetery you’re headed for is an easy trot from the city. With the city at your back as you head to the waypoint, the door you want is to the right of a gravestone marked by candles. Witcher Senses will show it brightly. Approach and knock.

Regis doesn’t answer, so head for the cave icon on the opposite side of the cemetery to the path you approached by. It’s guarded by a couple of ghouls and a returning kind of monster, archespores. Archespores will burrow away mid-battle to appear elsewhere, so don't be fooled if they suddenly vanish, and watch out for their ranged spit attacks.

Jump down the hole at the cave icon to battle a number of kikimora workers. Burn their egg sacs with Igni and proceed through the cave. The first branching path to the right is a dead end. At the corner turning right where you can see some candles on your left, continue straight on into the seeming dead end and Geralt will dispel an illusion, allowing you to loot some nice stuff including a sword.

Go back along the other path now, looting the container just to your right as you start down the corridor. Just past this you’ll enter Regis’s lair. Have a chat and at the end of the conversation you can choose to take a nap or chat with Regis over a drink, which is fun if you’re interested in how vampires fit into the Witcher lore.

After the cutscenes, head to the next waypoint. If you follow HorsePS you’ll pass an orange exclamation mark unlocking the Extreme Cosplay secondary quest (recommended level 40). This is quite hard so it’s best to come back later if you’re not prepared for a tough fight.

The path up through the estate is filled with barghests, and they will follow you up to the waypoint so deal with them as you meet them to avoid a deadly swarm situation.

Note: After you unlock the closest sign post to this location, I recommend completing the initial steps of No Place Like Home if you haven't done so already.

Once you're ready, approach the cursed house, watch the cutscene, then enter and search for clues. There’s a spoon just by the entrance, and then if you turn left and search thoroughly you’ll find a stove you can loot for a diary. Read it for some clues. There’s a broken mirror and some minor loot in the adjoining room. You’ll find some skeletons, several spoons, some more minor loot and another book in the other room on this floor.

After clearing the ground floor, head downstairs. In the basement, take the long path leading fruther down and collect and read a book and some minor loot; you need to vault at the broken bit of railing in the middle to climb back up after you drop to the jingling lower floor.

Back up in the other room in the basement, collect and read another book, check out the cauldron and the loot chest, then hide in the cupboard. From here, you can elect to battle the wight or try to lift the curse. If you decide to try to lift the curse, elect to eat without spoons to save the cursed householder; you can then opt to follow the Spotted Wight's trail, eventually ending up at your vineyard after some cutscenes.

If you decide to fight, you’ll end up in a boss fight in the cellar.

Boss fight: Spotted Wight

I didn’t fight the boss because it was not narratively satisfying to do so, but here are its weaknesses according to the Bestiary:

  • Oil: Necrophage
  • Sign: Igni
  • Sign: Yrden

The Bestiary entry makes quite a fuss about Yrden, so it's very likely the key to success in this battle - similarly to the Bruxae, perhaps. We'll have a detailed battle strategy for you soon.

To Tesham Mutna

In either case you end up with what you need, so return to Regis. You can use the front door now. During the cutscenes you can elect to continue the quest immediately or take a break before proceeding to Tesham Mutna.

Don’t miss the minor loot to your left as you enter, and at the bottom of the stairs look for a scroll and a loot chest. In the room with the tribal markings on the wall, there’s another book and a loot chest. In the cell-lined corridor, collect some loot from the box and skeleton on your left as you advance. Just past this, there’s a cell on the left with a book and a skeleton to loot, and opposite that, another book. Another skeleton on your left a few steps further has the last piece of the Tesham Mutna set you will have been collecting if you hit all the chests so far. If you equip the whole thing, including the mask, kills restore health.

In the final room, you need to place bait at four locations. Two of the waypoints are blocked by debris; use Aard to clear a path.

Before you speak to Regis prepare for the battle ahead. Although you’re tipped for necrophages (ghouls and scurvers), some lesser vampires (a fleder and a kataka) will join the fight, so choose your oil well. You can always switch your bombs and potions in the inventory screen.

It’s a rough situation with a lot of enemies, so if things get hairy start rolling around the room while you heal yourself with the food in your quick slots; an old Witcher trick.

After the next cutscene you finally get a chance to loot Regis’s lair properly. This ends the quest and begins Where Children Toil, Toys Waste Away.

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