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The Witcher 3: A Matter of Life and Death

Romance Triss Merigold and save the mages of Novigrad in A Matter of Life and Death.

The Witcher 3: A Matter of Life and Death

There are a couple of reasons to complete Triss's questline besides an interest in completion. First, it's the only way to progress your romance with the redheaded sorceress, if that's your plan. Second, it's a component of the Act Two quest Brothers in Arms: Novigrad.

You'll receive this quest from Triss either in person at the conclusion of Count Reuven's Treasure, or in a note delivered after Get Junior and A Favour for Radovid. To begin, head to Triss's lodgings at the waypoint.

The couple sheltering Triss aren't pleased to see you, but Triss had good reason for calling you you - she's received a dodgy sounding proposition. Go in her place to the rendezvous and look for characters wearing blue shirts look at the sleeves, not the waistcoat over the shirt). When you spot one, use Witcher Senses to check for keys on the belt.

When you find and approach the right guy, he is reluctant, but leads you off to a meeting point - but before you arrive, you're attacked in the street. fend off the attackers and Triss emerges from hiding to confront the fellow. He explains all - you are to attend a ball and evacuate bidding alchemist Albert Vegelbud from the city before the Witch Hunters come for him.

You'll need an outfit. Visit Elihal's shop as indicated on the waypoint and pick up a Fox mask for Triss and whatever you fancy for yourself - or all of them. You can use them any time you like. You should also buy an elegant Nilfgaardian outfit if you don't have one handy. Change into your new clothes before heading back to meet Triss in order to get a positive reaction from her.

When Triss asks if you're ready to go, agree; you'll be taken to the Vegelbud estate. You'll be stripped of your weapons at the gate, but there's no way to avoid this.

Once you're inside the party, help Triss avoid the attention of a drunken fool; you can start a fight if you like, or just walk away from the incident. When you're ready, head up the central stairs, where Triss runs into an old acquaintance (a real one, this time) and has a chat; again, you can make a scene if you like or let Triss handle it. She is a grown woman, after all.

Past this point, I highly recommend saving and then entering the Gwent tournament found in one corner of this area. If you are triumphant in all three rounds you'll win the Dandelion card, which is pretty special and not available anywhere else.

With this done, follow your HorsePS to meet Mama Vegelbud. After a chat, she'll let you know how to find Albert. Head to the search zone on the opposite side of this area, where Albert is being a prat; identify him by his panther mask and then approach him. He doesn't want to leave just yet, which makes a great deal of sense, so Triss suggests you while away the time in the garden. Follow her to the spot she's selected.

Triss Merigold romance critical decision point

It's been ages since Triss has been out socially like this and she enjoys herself; in the ensuing conversation, you can elect to kiss her. If you want to secure her as Geralt's girlfriend, do not miss this opportunity. There are no negative consequences to the kiss if you decide against the romance later on.

When the conversation breaks off, chase Triss into the hedge maze. Albert joins you there and he and Triss set off after ordering you to change masks with Albert. Turns out this was a wise decision; after a few minutes, Witch Hunters come for Albert, and get a wolf instead of the panther they expected. If you struggle, roll around to put some distance between you and the group so you can single out solo foes; use Signs; and remember to parry just as you are hit to stagger your enemies.

Once they've been beaten up, escape the hedge maze and meet the others at the stable. Whatever you say and do, Triss leaves you behind - but you'll see her again in Now or Never.

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