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Spoiler: Watch a boss fight from The Last of Us 2

Some of you might be struggling with a tough boss fight around two thirds through The Last of Us 2. Watch us take it down for some tips.

Spoilers follow...

When you’re playing The Last of Us: Part 2 as Abby, there’s a point where you have to travel to the hospital to get some supplies for an injured Yara. To get the supplies you have to delve into Ground Zero, the place where the cordyceps infection first broke out.

It’s dark down here and there’s a particularly tough enemy waiting in the shadows: The Rat King. Watch us take out both of its forms in the video below:

Before you fight The Rat King properly, you have to run. Just follow the path laid out before you until it’s clear you have to stand your ground and fight.

The Rat King can kill you in a single hit, so the best tactic is to prioritise keeping your distance over doing damage. When it gets anywhere near you, run away and reestablish range. Use cracks in the wall to slip away, vault over obstacles, and only fire when it’s a safe distance away.

The hunting pistol is particularly good for this encounter. But at one point you’ll damage it and its stalker portion will begin to tear itself from the mass off flesh binding it to the main entity. When that happens, pull out your flamethrower and let rip. Once you’re out of fuel, barrage it with pipe bombs and the first phase should go down.

For the second phase, you’re fighting a more nimble enemy. Use the shotgun and keep close, using well-timed dodges to avoid its swipes. If you run out of shotgun shells, switch to your rifle. Keep up the aggression and it should go down pretty quickly.

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