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The Last Guardian walkthrough part 9: destroy the wind chime glass eyes

Precarious climbing and spectacular views. Hope you've got a head for heights.

You're now on a grassy outcrop looking out towards a hanging glass eye as part of a wind chime and sets of spiral staircases in the distance. That's where you're headed.

You can't reach the eye directly, but to the left is a balcony. If you climb on Trico here it will stand on its hind legs, allowing you to climb up and throw down the two barrels.

Climbing the wind chime glass eye

While you're up here, walk along to the end of the balcony and you'll see hanging cages to jump on.

The Last Guardian™_20161130114712

Make you way across them and the chains, then land on the plank and as it tips, run to the opposite end to jump onto the bottom of the chime. Climb up.

The Last Guardian™_20161130115229

You can now work your way around, through and up the eye to the very top of it, where you should jump onto the planet.

The Last Guardian™_20161130115350

Now climb up the chains until you reach the top, where you can push the eye off and down into the floor below. When Trico makes its move, jump down to land on it.

From here, you can encourage it (with R1 and triangle) to leap from one pillar to the other, until you arrive at a platform with a broken stained-glass eye on it.

Push the eye off the edge, call Trico, jump on and hold on for dear life.

Opening the drawbridge

The Last Guardian™_20161130120132

Now you can see where to go next, but the drawbridge is closed. Climb down Trico's tail and up the wall using the handholds. Say goodbye to Trico and climb up and into the building.

Run up the spiral staircase and past the suit of armour. As it comes alive, just a little bit further up you'll see a place to jump on your right into the structure in the middle. Pull the lever here to open the gate at the top of the stairs.

Run past more guards and up another set of spiral stairs, opening the gate at the top in the exact same way. These suits of armour will catch you at some point, so just mash the face buttons until they drop you.

Once you get back outside again, make your way across the wooden beams, and then over to the platform.

The Last Guardian™_20161130124623

Lucky for you, Trico now jumps across to save your skin. Drop down onto its back, up its head, down behind the drawbridge and pull the lever here to lower it. Now breathe a sigh of relief and walk through into the next courtyard.

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