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The Division Weekly Vendor reset: Custom M870 MCS and AUG A3 Para XS

The weekly Vendor Reset in The Division has been deployed, and all Gear Score 204 goodies are listed below.

The Division Weekly Vendor reset, June 4:Custom M870 MCS and AUG A3 Para XS

As always, there are other blueprints available but Arekkz only focuses on Gear Scores of 204 and up. He also goes over whether the blueprints are worth the credits, so be sure to give his video a watch.

The following blueprints can be found at the DZ02 Safe Room. Each has a 204 Gear Score and a DZ Rank of 50.

  • Electronics Backpack Blueprint – costs 120,769 DZ Funds
  • Electronics Vest Blueprint – costs 119,553 DZ Funds
  • Firearms Holster Blueprint – costs 120,146 DZ Funds
  • Electronics Gloves Blueprint – costs 119,675 DZ Funds

The DZ03 Safe Room vendor is where you will find the M870 MCS blueprint for 214,267 DZ Funds. Arekkz said if shotguns are your thing, and you can "get a good roll on it," the M870 is one of the better ones in the game.

There’s also the Officer's M9 A1 sidearm blueprint available for 214,008 DZ Funds. Like the M870 above, it has a 204 Gear Score and a Dark Zone Rank of 75. Arekkz said he wouldn't recommend this one, as the standalone versions is available at the Base of Operations this week. More on that below.

For the third week running, the DZ04 Vendor has a Performance Gear Mod blueprint available, and it will run you for 236,620 DZ Funds. It's Level 32 and DZ Rank 50.

The weapon mod available this week through the DZ05 vendor is the Vertical Grip - Wolf Grey Blueprint. If you have an outdated weapon mod, Arekkz said this one may be worth picking up, as it's a Level 32 and Rank 50 mod. It will set you back 142,899 DZ Funds.

Over at Base of Operations there are two Gear Score 204 weapons available this week: the Officer's M9 A1 as mentioned above, and the Military SCAR-H. They will run you 660 and 882 Phoenix Points, respectively.

There are two expert perks on the M9 A1 and like other sidearms, it provides 100% more damage when the target is below 30% health. Plus, you always have Restore when killing a target, etc. The SCAR-H is a Marksman Rifle and has three perks: Swift, Ferocious and Harmful. Arekkz said he would personally pass on both, but as always, that's your choice.

Finally, the BoO Vendor also has the AUG A3 Para XS available for 206 Phoenix Credits with a 182 GS. It has a lower GS compared to a similar 204 GS AUG offered by this Vendor a few weeks back, but the three Talents attached this week are "marginally better." These are: Deadly, Responsive, and Swift. The previous offering had Brutal, Vicious and Meticulous.

That said, if you missed the 204 AUG offering, this one may work as an interim weapon until you find a better one despite the lower Gear Score.

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